Experience a True Nature Reunion

A day-long soulful retreat in Western North Carolina, where your truest self emerges in the natural world to deeply & delightfully connect with a conscious group that leads with love.

Calling together our spirited community.

You are invited to join us in a True Nature Reunion...

A day-long retreat for you to commune with True Nature in three ways--by resonating with the natural world, embodying the spirit of Love that you are at your core, and creatively playing with others within a space of unity consciousness. Come and be an essential part of a group that holds space for Love in all its expressions -- awakening, healing, forgiveness, laughter, miracles, compassionate support, deep peace, joy, spiritual security, and new inspiring connections. Give and receive wise guidance that flows from the heart of you, from nature, and from other kindred spirits. Enjoy a soulful gathering with those committed to leading their lives with Love.

A peek into past reunions & participant experiences...

"I loved creating connection, resonating with the natural world, and bringing gifts of presence and spirit at our True Nature Reunion."
"I experienced a deep feeling of Unlimited Possibility."
"I learned that being my true nature is so much more Fun!"
"After our True Nature Reunion I feel less resistance and more inspired commitment to my calling."
"I saw my own True Nature through others—their way of Being reminded me that we all are Divine."
"True Nature Reunion is pure joy and bliss. I’m a hell yes to coming back again and again."

A message from our host, Jessica Chilton...

It is time for a grand reunion. And you are invited.

After collectively experiencing inhibited social interactions that increased a sense of separation, it is time to be together naturally again. Not on zoom. Not behind masks. Rather being the spirited humans we are, playing together with each other in the natural world.

Afterall, we are all One. 

We have never been separate—although the human mind can paint the picture that we are. It is time to dissolve that illusion and feel union with all of creation—and more specifically, with each other. Nothing can truly separate us from our True Nature--the Love that we all are.

The natural world brings us into our True Nature. 

Nature is always being its natural self. It never tries to be something else. It has been a respite, a reminder, a teacher, an oasis of infinite support on my own journey of embodying True Nature. When I touch a tree I feel the resonance of our shared infinite energy. When I sit with the mountains, I feel the peace that we are deep inside. When I stand in the water I feel the flow of life force in and around me. When I am warmed at the Fire, I feel the spark--the light that we each are. 

Let's feel our True Nature together. 

So as we continue re-emerging, let's come together and feel who we are. Let's drop into the feeling of love and union with all that is. And let's play together there in a field of infinite possibility. In this field, guidance is received, intentions are activated, the next leg of the journey is clear, and our True Nature is freely expressed and supportively witnessed. Let’s feel our Aliveness, our Joy, our Peace, our Unity, our Divinity, our Love…together.

Let's enjoy a Spirited ReUnion!

Thursday, Sept. 15, 2022
11am - 5:30pm

True Nature Reunion facilitated by Jessica Chilton, Joanie Lamb, & Brent Skidmore

Early Bird Registration Fee: $95 until Sept. 8, 2022 -- Coupon Code SEPT15REUNION.
($115 Regular Price) With an upgrade option to stay overnight in your own cabin.

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Thursday, November 3, 2022
11am - 5:30pm

True Nature Reunion facilitated by Jessica Chilton, Joanie Lamb, & Brent Skidmore

Early Bird Registration Fee: $95 until October 13, 2022 -- Coupon Code NOV3REUNION.
($115 Regular Price) With an upgrade option to stay overnight in your own cabin.

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Would you like to transform this day-long experience into an overnight retreat in your own private cabin?

After registering for the group experience you will have the opportunity to book one of our two beautiful cabins if you wish to expand the retreat.
(First come, first served.) 

Retreat Facilitator & Host

Jessica Chilton

Jessica Chilton of SPARK is a Transformational Leader, Expressive Arts Therapist, and Spiritual Security Mentor, who has supported thousands of people around the world to love and liberate their truest self, following their inner guidance to create the life they were born to live. Jessica blends spiritual awakening, personal transformation, and creative expression to awaken our world from fear to love, as we lead with our light.

Special Guests & Co-Facilitators

Joanie Lamb

Director of the Center for Inspired Education, Joanie Lamb has devoted her professional life to teaching students, educators and parents how to inspire themselves to reach their fullest potential. Joanie is trained as a Presence-Based Life Coach which has enabled her to work more deeply with her clients and to include presencing and somatics which have been vital to her own transformation. She desires to live a life of service sustained by her Divine Source.

Brent Skidmore

Brent Skidmore is dedicated to following his heart's call into opportunities to serve. He is especially drawn to serve others in their living and dying experiences with compassion and his steadfast belief in transformation and forgiveness through deep self love. He works to serve our community through collaborative art, conscious death and dying, and the mentorship of our youth. An accomplished wood sculptor and furniture maker, Brent serves UNC Asheville as Associate Professor of Art and Art History, Director of Craft Studies, and co-founder of STEAM Studio.

One more peek into past reunions & participant experiences...

"I love how True Nature Reunion turned all the adults into child-like playmates."
"All tension can unravel and the real uninhibited Self can express when we play in unlimited possibility at our True Nature Reunion."
"It felt good to take time away from the 10,000 things of life."
"Genuine opening up and sharing at True Nature Reunion brought a realization of Oneness."  
"I received nurturing time in nature, connection to heart & concentrated, extended time in alignment."
"I loved being seen and witnessed as my true self."
"I loved being a witness to each person’s infinite wisdom and joy at True Nature Reunion."
"I felt a sense of infinite potential in divine union at the True Nature Reunion."
"I enjoyed connecting with my essential self, with nature, and with people who are kind and trustworthy."
"True Nature Reunion opened me to trust more, to release limited patterns, to break through prescribed ways we humans think we need to be."
"After True Nature Reunion I feel a commitment to practicing joy every day—to be in the flow and allow in those opportunities to sing, celebrate, and laugh."
"True Nature Reunion is a safe supportive space to explore the next leg of your journey."

We hope to experience our next True Nature Reunion together with You.










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Let's be Love together.