Dear amazing human living in this uncertain world. . .  

It's time to root into the only true Security there is.

We're going through intensely challenging terrain and we all need extra support to feel secure while facing whatever the day brings. The world is full of triggers of insecurity--fear, divisiveness, attack, volatility, instability, uncertainty, stress, illness, death, & loss. Yet when we go within and root into Love, anchoring into the resilient Spirit that we are, we can stand strong amidst it all and breathe. Spiritual Security changes our experience of everything.

How might your experience of daily life change when you are fully secure in your highest self, your powerful presence, your inner guidance, your divine nature, your Oneness with God and all of creation?

How would it feel to give and receive loving support in a circle of humans who see each other as the powerful Spirit we are? 

What becomes possible in your health, relationships, work, leadership, and life when you are fully rooted in Spiritual Security? Lets find out together.

In our Spiritual Security Circle, we root into the unshakeable Love that we are, no matter how big the shake-ups & wake-ups in the world are. 

Your sense of Spiritual Security deepens as we support each other to:

1. Be the Love that you are, dissolving the fear appearing in your experience.

2.  Root into the resilient, everlasting power of Spiritdissolving over-identification with the vulnerable physical body & the collective fear of death.

3. Feel unshakable Inner Stability in navigating the human experience, dissolving the up and down roller coaster of human drama.

 4.  Fully embody the Light that you are in the world, dissolving small self conditioning of hiding the light you are.

5. Follow Inner Guidance and know your present Truth, dissolving the incessant search for answers outside of yourself.

6. Let your open Heart leaddissolving the domination of the mind's fear-based thought system.

7. Be the powerful Co-Creator with Life that you are, dissolving any ways you play victim to external happenings.

8. Know your Innate Worthiness as a unique expression of Divine, dissolving thoughts of not being good enough.

9. Feel Trust in the unknown & great mystery of life, dissolving doubt, confusion, & attempts to control.

10. Feel Oneness with God and All of Creation, dissolving separation, loneliness, and neediness in your relationships.

11. Align with the natural Abundance of the Universe, dissolving scarcity mentality.

12. Feel Joy, Peace, Gratitude & Inspiration, dissolving patterns of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt, & worry.

 13. Discover Infinite Possibility in life, work, health, & relationships, dissolving limiting beliefs & programmed impossibility.

When you're rooted in Spiritual Security you can Love your way through all the growing experiences of life.

As we deepen into our own Spiritual Security, we can lead with love to uplift our human collective and planet.

Our insecure world needs you to be its S.E.C.U.R.E. leader.

Doors are open now and we're ready to welcome you into our Spiritual Security Circle today.

Activation Membership

Join our Circle with an Activation Membership and receive:

* Weekly Spiritual Security Activation Audios -- guided meditations & explorations created by Jessica to support you in all areas of your life, health, relationships, and work.

* New Spiritual Security Practice each week to apply the focus of the Activation Audio creatively and powerfully within your daily life.

Opening Special: $37/month with 4-mo initial commitment (full price $47/mo)

Full Engagement Membership

Join our Circle with a Full Engagement Membership and receive:

* Everything in the Activation Level, plus...

* 2 Bi-weekly Spiritual Security Circles per month (inspired group gatherings via Zoom on Tu, Wed, or Th afternoons--75 minutes each with replays).

  • During the 1st Circle of each month, Jessica creates an environment of mutual support between all Members, welcoming transformation, healing, breakthroughs, and awakening to unfold. Following inspiration, Jessica offers spiritual security support through creatively guided group experiences, channeled improvisational messages, and individual spotlight coaching. 
  • During the 2nd Circle of the month, Jessica holds space for each Member to share their wisdom, gifts, growth, questions, creative expressions, and experiences of spiritual security, co-creating the group experience within a space of unity consciousness.

* Alignment Buddy from within our conscious group of uplifting humans to give and receive mutual spiritual security support.

* Spiritual Security Community Forum to connect with other spirited humans committed to leading their lives with love (in a non-Facebook, private, high-vibe space, free of advertising and other distractions).

* Avenue for channeling your wisdom and shining in your creative soul expression as you give and receive spiritual security support within the group during Virtual Circles, Alignment Buddy Connections, and Community Forum.

Opening Special: $97/month with 4-mo initial commitment (full price $147/mo)

Private Membership

Join our Circle with a Private Membership and receive:

* Everything in the Activation and Full Engagement Membership Level, plus...

* 2 Private Spiritual Security Sessions per month with Jessica (Private Sessions are 60 minutes of intuitive creative collaboration, intimate connection, and divine inspiration via Zoom).

* Highest level customized Spiritual Security support from Jessica in your transformation, liberation, and healing, as you clear out whatever is not serving you, your health, your work, your relationships, and your soul's fullest expression.

$597/month with 4-month initial commitment (4 spots available)

When you step into our Circle, we will celebrate your Presence!


Spiritual Security Circle Facilitator

Jessica Chilton

Jessica Chilton of SPARK is a Transformational Leader, Expressive Arts Therapist, and Spiritual Security Mentor, who has supported thousands of people around the world to love and liberate their truest self, while following their inner guidance to create the life they were born to live. Jessica blends spiritual awakening, personal transformation, and creative expression to awaken our world from fear to love, as we lead with our light.

After facing death and illness at an early age, Jessica’s passion for making the most of this precious life radiates through her inspiring presence. Jessica has presented at Princeton University, performed at TEDx, collaborated on stage with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, and led the transformational Live Event: The Shift from Fear to Love.

Jessica has been interviewed about spiritual entrepreneurship, soul-satisfying work, moving beyond fear, and liberating your leadership by a number of podcasts and radio shows.

Jessica's compassion and relatability comes from her own personal intimacy with human insecurity while her wisdom and powerful facilitation is rooted in the Spiritual Security she has deepened into on the awakening journey. She is passionate about bringing people back into alignment, inner guidance, spiritual centeredness, loving the wholeness, and remembering who they are.

Jessica holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, an MA in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy, and Post-Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy.

In the words of those who have experienced Jessica's Spiritual Security Support firsthand . . .

Spiritual Attunement

"Jessica’s emphasis on spiritual attunement leads you toward deep satisfaction, as you become inner-guided in everything you do. Jessica keeps you accountable to doing your own soul-level check-ins to make sure you stay aligned while you create your life and work. Jessica’s ability to offer her full presence is so inspiring and leaves me feeling deeply seen."
~ Ruth Pike-Elliott, Holistic Physical Therapist

Playful Presence

"Jessica is an amazing embodiment of spiritual security. She is deeply rooted in this moment with full presence, which feels so grounded and solid. And at the same time, she brings a spirit of wonder and play into every experience, which feels light and spacious. I love this beautiful balance she brings to her work as it naturally fosters a feeling of spiritual security."
~ George Fleming, Consultant, Coach & Speaker at InsightAction

Constant Miracles

"I am most grateful for how Jessica has supported me to guide my business from a place of connection to God and deep trust in my Inner Guidance. Jessica is willing to push your negative thinking patterns right off a cliff, while remaining your true-self's safety net. I am now in direct alignment with the most abundant, meaningful and passionate trajectory of my life and business. I experience constant miracles."
~ Robin Funsten, Community Conflict Solutions

Unshakeable Wisdom

"I feel so spiritually-centered now at my core. Others describe this shift as noticing an unshakeable wisdom that they can see, hear, and feel from me and my expression. Now I am rooted in my internal sense of worthiness, my inner knowing, my creative guidance system. I feel unstoppable now because I know I can deal with anything that comes up within me or in life. Thank you, Jessica, for walking this path with me." 
~Asher Leigh, Musician & Coach

True Nature

"Jessica creates space for every evolving part of us to be warmly welcomed and held safely and encourages the full expression of our unique voice. Her facilitation is directed by Source. Her contagious positivity, generous spirit, and charismatic way are of God. It is so inspiring to be in the presence of someone who is so connected to Source and so committed to the spiritual walk. She guides us all to drop into our True Nature and experience spiritual security in that space."
~ Brent Skidmore, Artist and Educator

Trusting Myself

"Jessica guided me tremendously to move beyond fear to completely trust my own inner guidance as the leader of my non-profit. Following my inspired vision, and feeling the unfolding purpose of my soul, I will spare no effort in helping these rural village girls in Odisha, India."
~ Christine Dave, Founder of EDGE--
Education for Girls' Empowerment

Deep Love

"Jessica is able to tap into her own heart and yours. She was able to support my intimate connection with God and point me back to my inner guidance, as I created a life of love, service, passion, and abundance. I could feel Jessica's love each step of the way. Now I feel bold enough and brave enough to step into the world and Love Deep."
~ Stormy Hill, Sacred Sexuality Educator at Love Deep

Full Permission

"Jessica leads with an inspiring blend of skill, heart, wisdom, confidence, courage, vulnerability and compassion. I am continually amazed by Jessica's depth of presence, expansive vision, relentless creativity, delightfulness and integrity. The container she created was solid and supportive. She facilitated my own growth through her loving reflections and full permission for me to live more into who I am."
~ Daniel Barber, Musician & Coach, I Am Sound

Nothing to Fear

"My personal relationship with God and my own inner guidance is now at the heart of the way I live and work, leading the way and nourishing me. I can't think of a more uplifting driver. When I am connected to the divine love inside of me, there is literally nothing to fear. I am so grateful for Jessica's support on this journey. "
~ Gretchen Howard, Public Relations Consultant

Here's the Vision I see...

When I close my eyes I see our planet lighting up, one person at a time.

Each human that lights up is secure in who they truly are. And because of that, they can bring Unconditional Love into the world in the unique way they were born to lead ... no matter what craziness unfolds in the human drama around us.

We need to support each other to light up and be the leaders our world needs.

It's not easy to be the Love in a world steeped in fear. We need the support of other courageous beings that know who we are and see each other in our highest light & greatest possibility.

This is how we shift our world from fear to love. 

As each of us becomes spiritually secure--anchored in the love that we are--we become a force for good. Our Love can dissolve old paradigms, beliefs, norms, and perceptions based in separation and fear, creating loving conditions in which we all can thrive.

The light in me invites the light in you to join with us. 

Let's be together in the field of infinite possibility, where our truest self is freely expressed and supportively witnessed, inner guidance is received, and aligned actions are powerfully taken. This is what supports us to lead with Love in the face of anything. It is time for us to embody the truth that we are the light of the world, and bravely contribute our unique part to the whole.

We dedicate our personal spiritual security work to the collective awakening of humanity and healing restoration of our planet.

Join Us.

Spiritual Security Circle Q&A

Participants in Jessica's group experiences are saying...

"Now I can show up with more self-compassion, love, and courage."
"Spiritual Security and Joy is taking root in every cell of my body."
"I experienced a deep feeling of Unlimited Possibility."
"Genuine opening up and sharing brought a realization of Oneness."  
"I felt a sense of infinite potential in divine union."
"I saw my own True Nature through others—their way of Being reminded me that we all are Divine."
"I loved creating connection and bringing gifts of presence and spirit."
"It was fun to be playful and experience my gift of channeling in a ‘can’t do it wrong’ way."
"I loved being a witness to each person’s infinite wisdom and joy."

Join us in being spiritually secure humans & aligned leaders lighting up an uncertain world.

Deepen your Spiritual Security to lead with Love.

Join Us!

We hope to feel your powerful presence in our Circle soon.