Launch in the way that works for your Soul.

Instead of dread, struggle, and fear, let each marketing launch awaken your next level of joy, love, freedom, and abundance.

It's time to master the art of the soulful business launch.

A traditional approach to your marketing launch will burn you out at exactly the time you're ready to bring your light.

If you are launching something amazing in the next 6 months, and you know that it's going to usher you into your next level, let's be honest.

There’s a dirty little secret that doesn’t get talked about too much
when soulful entrepreneurs are sharing with excitement about their new offerings – a lot of us hate launching. And it makes perfect sense. We’re birthing a beautiful baby, but the actual process of giving it to the world can feel so 'Not You'-- horrible even – anxiety, self-doubt, pressure, skeezy feelings about sales and money.

It’s not that you’re new to launching – you have the tools, you know the techniques, you’ve gone through the courses and the video seminars and learned all about the “right way to launch” based on what someone else did that got them results. And you’ve even gotten your own results, this “right way.” But you always seem to end the launch process feeling burned out, stressed out, and drained.

That drained feeling, over time, can turn into a dread of making new offerings because you’ll have to go through something that feels bad in order to put them out. You’re doing what you’ve been told to do, in the way you’ve been told to do it, but it just doesn't work for you. You’re not having fun. You're not enjoying the process. And that takes all the verve out of your inspiration to make new products.

These negative feelings around getting your soul’s gifts from you into the hands of your clients are the beginning of the death of your business. That's why it's a top priority to discover a new approach to launching that you can actually enjoy for the lifetime of your business. And that's exactly what the Joy of Launching is all about. 

We’re here to shift your way of launching...
from mind-led, fear-constricting, burn-out prone, illness-inducing, formulaic and empty… to a way of launching that is fueled by self-trust, soul-expressed, heart-led, purpose-driven and joyful.

Your Joy of Launching support immersion goes from March 3 - 31, 2020.

Feel good results ripple throughout your entire launch.

I've launched in feel-good and feel-bad ways. (And guess which way I have decided is better?!)

If you don't know already, I'm Jessica Chilton, and when I started my first business I followed every business strategy, marketing template, and launch formula I could get my little desperate fingers on. I focused on supporting people with chronic illness because that was the niche I was told by coaches would be smartest to focus in on. I launched an online product and high-end programs that I filled with clients who gained from what I offered. However there was only one problem.

I was not enjoying it. Nope. Quite the opposite--I was doing all the workaholic, hustling, pushing, proving, stressing, fearing, draining, exhausting, crazy-making, that we do when we forget who we really are. And so why exactly wasn't I enjoying it? Because it simply wasn't what my soul wanted to do. Oops! I forgot to pause and ask.

In fact, at that time, I didn't even know how to access my inner guidance and launch in the direction I was called to go. So yes, that launch and that business did feel bad. And therefore, I can understand you when you share the feel-Bad launches of your past.

Let's take the high road here and remember that those feel-Bad launches are now our inspiration to only launch in ways that feel good forever more! And I have a feel-Good way of launching that I'd love to share--so that you can launch in a way that works for your Soul.

What if you had an Inner Guided Launch Map created by your Soul?

For 5 years, my Inner Guided Launch Maps have been the catalyst for my personal & business growth ... turning my marketing launches into joyful adventures.

In Joy of Launching, we'll design your next inspired launch so that you love launching as much as you love serving your ideal clients.

Bringing my 11 years of experience as an Expressive Arts Therapist, Conscious Business Coach, and Transformational Leader in service to you, we'll move through these 5 steps together over the course of 30 days to design your most inspired launch yet.

Step 1: Radically Shift Your Approach to Launching. 

Transform from ego-proving, mind-led, fear-driven, burn-out prone, illness-inducing, strategically formulaic and pushing till empty ... to a way of launching that is love-fueled, soul-expressed, heart-led, purpose-driven, spirited and joyful. This shift is essential to becoming your next level and launching in full alignment with your heart + soul.

Step 2: Activate Your Inner Guidance, Creativity, Self-Trust, & True Power.

Discover a simple process honed over 10 years to access your most trusted source of inner guidance, which anchors you into your inner power and opens your creative flow. Deepening your Self-Trust is essential to expanding your experience of Abundance and growing yourself and your business to the next level.

Step 3: Align Your Launch for Soul Satisfaction & Abundance.

Clarify your purpose, feel your desire, determine the outcomes and income that are 100% aligned with your heart, know who you are becoming through the rite of passage of this launch, and feel love for the ideal clients this launch will serve. Shine the light on any dysfunction between you and Money so that your receiving channels are wide open and Money Love is ready to flow.

Step 4: Create Your Inner Guided Launch Map & Learn How to Follow It for an Extraordinary Launch Experience.

Follow your Soul through an intuitive artful process to hand-create a map that will guide your Launch. Practice how to let your intuitive map propel you into inspired action, spiritual awakening, liberating transformation, and next level leadership...all while moving forward in alignment with your heart's desires, vision, outcomes, and income. Let your map lead you each day of your launch, like a rite of passage into your next level.

Step 5: Set Up Ideal Launch Conditions & Know How to Navigate Any Launch Challenges.

Create space & support to launch, and ensure the body is ready & nourished. Move through any resistance that stands between you and this launch, honing your ability to use my signature S.P.A.R.K. process to overcome any challenges that arise on the launch path. Experience yourself as the resilient Next Level Leader of your launch.

Your Inner-Guided Launch Map is the path to becoming your next level.

So let’s talk about the power of this artful intuitive map you’ll be creating.

Although the Joy of Launching covers a lot of ground in 4-weeks, the creation of your Inner Guided Launch Map is the cornerstone of your Soul-Built foundation for your next launch. The process of creating this map activates and deepens your inner guidance, creativity, and self-trust. That aspect alone will accelerate your personal growth and the growth of your business for years to come.

In order to create the map, we shift the focus of your launch from egoic outcomes that attempt to prove your worth…to the desired outcomes and income that are aligned with your soul. We also clarify who you are ready to become as we approach this launch as a rite of passage into your next level of leadership.

With this clarity on what you’re ready to manifest and embody, we let go of mind-led strategies, formulas, and templates… and open to the intuitive artful process of creating a map full of symbols and messages that will take you exactly where you're meant to go. It’s as if your Future Self, who has already completed this launch and experienced your desires as reality, is the one drawing the map to show you how to get from where you are now to where you become her. Can you feel the playful creative power of this?

Once you have your map, the fun really begins! Symbol by symbol, your launch map and your soul collaborate to guide you through each action, each transformation, and each workday. It feels like a grand adventure to discover which inspired actions at what time will take you on the exact pathway your Soul wants to walk to access your next level of growth. Rather than falling out of alignment and into other people’s shoulds and expertise, you follow your Inner-Guided Launch Map to use your marketing tools in the time and way that truly serve you best.

Your Launch Map keeps you on purpose, anchored into your truest self, fueled by love, and consciously connected with the abundant support of the universe. The more you deepen into Self-Trust with a Big S as you follow your map, the more Abundance you experience in your Launch and the more you fully embody your next level.

"I was drawn to doing this Joy of Launching process with Jessica because I have witnessed how her life and work is inspired by her own inner-guided launch maps. I don't know anyone else who lives like this!

She is so loyal to her launch map--which to me demonstrates her level of self-trust, faith, and connection with the wonder of life. I have watched her launch maps inspire her life and grow her business in the most magical ways. 

So when I opened the Center for Inspired Education, I decided to receive Jessica's support to craft my launch using her inner-guided launch map process. I knew that my old way of setting goals and following timelines wasn't effective, inspiring, or enjoyable for me and often led to beating myself up or burning myself out. So rather than dreading this launch, letting fear stall me out, or exhausting myself in the process, I wanted to experience the Joy of Launching.

Through Jessica's Joy of Launching process, I experienced what it was like to approach a launch as a rite of passage. She helped me look beyond my desired outcomes and income to who I really was becoming through this launch. It was exciting to approach my launch knowing it would grow me into the leader that 
the Center for Inspired Education needed me to be.

I loved learning how to intuitively and creatively draw my own launch map, the one that would guide me into the deeper transformational process of becoming the Leader of the Center while also inspiring each action I would take to expand the visibility of the Center and call in ideal clients throughout the month-long launch period.

Following Jessica’s launch map process, I created a map with intuitive symbols along a pathway that symbolized my month-long launch journey. Over the course of the month, I moved along the path letting one symbol at a time inspire specific actions, introspection, healing, transformation, and liberation. I loved that I wasn't asking my mind to figure my launch out. Rather I was asking my inner guidance to lead me each step of the way.

For instance, one of my symbols was a bumblebee, which stood for collaboration. As I worked with that symbol, I followed my inner guidance to reach out to various collaborators that now are key referral partners for the Center. Another symbol was the snake, which helped me shed fear-based stories, beliefs and thoughts that I was ready to outgrow as the leader of the Center. And then there was the porcupine, which taught me about the boundaries I would need to uphold as I grew the Center. And the elephant that taught me that putting one foot in front of the other makes me unstoppable.

Because I had my inner-guided map to follow, I always felt a bigger picture context to whatever happened each day. Even if I was going through shadowy stuff, it was contextualized within the meaning of the launch map, which made the experience feel right on track.

Jessica's launch process was unlike anything I had ever done--it felt sacred. I love that a business launch can be approached as a path to spiritual awakening. It helped me realize my dream in a way that ushered me into my next evolution. It guided me through the deeper process of becoming the Leader of the Center for Inspired Education, while offering my accountability for following through 100% with my full vision for the launch.

Because of Jessica's unique approach, my launch truly felt FUN to me. Launching is not normally a light experience. Having both my launch map, a deepened sense of self-trust, and Jessica's support along the way made it much more easeful, incredibly inspired, and truly joyful.

Joanie Lamb, Inspired Education Consultant, The Center for Inspired Education

Let's talk about how GOOOOOOOOOOD Launching could feel.

Prepare to turn ordinary into extraordinary, feel magic in marketing, follow inner guidance into new adventures, and enjoy becoming your next level.

When you launch in a way that is Inner-Guided, Higher-Powered and Soul Aligned, and you're following your very own hand-drawn intuitive launch map every step of the way, every action feels inspired. Sure you will use some of your normal launch tools, but you won't use them in the same way or because anyone else told you to. In fact you won't do anything unless your Inner Guidance tells you to do it. How's that, Freedom Queen?!

You know how different it feels to take an inspired action that your heart is calling you to take, instead of checking off a to-do list of someone else's launch formula. Well that goodness is what puts the true Joy back in launching. Everything ordinary turns extraordinary when you have your Inner-Guided Launch Map in hand and you are present to the journey of bringing your Desired Outcomes and Aligned Income into reality.

Launching is joyful because of who you BECOME on the way to your desired outcome and income. It is joyful because you are in alignment with where your heart is calling you to grow. It is joyful because as you deepen your Self-Trust you expand your experience of abundance. Your next evolution becomes the true success, with financial results and ideal clients that are natural outcomes of that growth.

Your whole Launch turns into an adventure of Self-Trust, expedited Growth, amplified Awakening and expanded Abundance. If you’re into that, you’ll love the Joy of Launching.

It's time you let your Soul show you how to launch every future business offering with Joy.

This 4-Week Joy of Launching Lab Includes:

⚬ "Joy of Launching" Online Home Base with Guidebook and Audios with foundational teachings on a new paradigm of inspired launching and step by step guidance on how to create your own inner-guided launch map and design your launch to satisfy your soul. ($3000 Value)

⚬ Group Coaching Support with Jessica Chilton through 4 "Joy of Launching" Group Coaching Experiences via Zoom Videoconference. ($1000 Value)

⚬ All participants will connect with each other in our high vibe launch lab, our group forum on Facebook-- offering each other encouragement, accountability, feedback and peer support throughout the month. ($1000 Value)

⚬ Personalized feedback from Jessica, during Office Hours in the online community launch lab, that can change the entire trajectory of your next launch. ($1000 Value)

⚬ VIP Upgrade Option for those who want Jessica's Customized Private Coaching during Joy of Launching. (See below for VIP Upgrade)

I am currently offering Joy of Launching ($6000 value) for $2500, with even more savings for Early Birds. For those who are launching in the next 1-6 months, this special is coming at just the right time for YOU!
Your Investment in Joy of Launching: $1500 Early Bird until 2/28/20. (Save $1000 off regular enrollment.)

Two recent Joy of Launching graduates share...

their experience, their Launch Map, and their encouragement for you to launch in the way that works for your soul.


“Jessica has been my private coach through several launches and I am so grateful for her approach that is unlike any other I have encountered in my 5 years of business.

My own inner guidance is now at the heart of the way I launch, leading the way and nourishing me -- and I can’t think of a more powerful and uplifting driver. I have learned to rely on my inner wisdom and spirit. My decisions, direction, and inspiration are more inwardly guided than ever before. This makes each day of my launch feel exciting, enriching, and spirit-led.

Building a business, one launch at a time, in alignment with my inner guidance leads to integrity, creativity, happiness and deep satisfaction in my work. I know my inner knowledge has been within me all along, but Jessica’s guidance showed me how to connect, listen, and follow it. 

Following my inner-guidance, I have now aligned everything in my PR business to serve the ideal clients I love working with most--the eco-conscious, family-centric, spiritually-inspired, growth-oriented businesses that contribute in positive ways to the seed to skillet process of a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

Using Jessica’s inner-guided launch process, I attracted two of these ideal clients-- Hickory Nut Gap Farm and Bluegrass Hemp Oil, which are both ideal clients aligned with my values and passions, and working with them lights me up.

I’m beyond grateful for Jessica’s unique inner-guided approach to launching. If it weren’t for this approach, my launches would still be uninspired, resulting in stagnancy, reactivity and stress. The more I commit to Jessica’s programs and show up, the more I have received, and the richness continues to multiply. Jessica's leadership, creativity, compassion, commitment and spiritual wisdom are like no other."

 Gretchen Howard, Public Relations Consultant, Iron Skillet Media

Mark your calendar for March 3 - March 31, 2020 and become your next level through the Joy of Launching.

Level 1: Launch Design

1-Month Online Group Experience

❈ Access our program materials anytime this month through our online home base to be guided step-by-step through the Joy of Launching process.

❈ Receive coaching support from me through four weekly group coaching calls (with replay recordings) to navigate challenges and hone your clarity.

❈ Receive coaching feedback during my office hours and daily connection, encouragement, accountability, and peer support throughout the month in our private group forum.

$1500 Early Bird Registration through 2/28/20 (Save $1000).

Level 2: VIP Upgrade

Private Sessions during Launch Design

❈ Receive everything listed in the Group Level 1 PLUS customized 1-on-1 support to ensure your launch foundation is solid, sacred, and strong.

❈ Receive my customized coaching support during 2 Private Coaching Experiences (75-minute Zoom video-conference sessions) that will change the trajectory of your entire launch.

These sessions will go deeper into key aspects of the Joy of Launching process:
1. "Align Your Launch with Your Soul"
2.  "Design Your Inner Guided Launch Map"

$2500 Early Bird Registration through 2/28/20 (Save $1000).

Frequently Asked Questions

Joy of Launching is for you if ...

♦ You want to launch in a way that actually feels good down to your soul as you come Alive all over again.

♦ You’ve launched a lot of things—been burned out, stressed out, and drained through launching – and you're done with Product Launch Formulas and Business As Usual.

♦ You’ve already taken traditional launch courses but none of them light you up or speak your language. You are so ready for a creative, spiritual, transformational approach to launching that matches who you are.

♦ You have the skills and support to do a sales page, marketing funnel, social media, and all the other tech know-how that goes into launches, but have overlooked the essential spiritual foundation you need to create an extraordinary launch. 

You know where you want to be. You know where you are now. And you're ready to BECOME your next level.

Jessica Chilton is an Expressive Arts Therapist and Conscious Business Coach who has helped thousands of people around the world in discovering who they are, what they’re meant to do, and how they can offer it in the world. Through Love Liberate Launch, Jessica blends business building with spiritual growth, personal transformation, and creative expression to help entrepreneurs create the business they were born to lead. Through Love Liberate Lead, she supports established entrepreneurs through a pivotal year of significant transformation in their work, life, and leadership. And through her newest program, Joy of Launching, Jessica guides talented entrepreneurs to shed the dread, fear, and struggle around marketing to launch their programs in a way that works for their soul.

Jessica holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, an MA in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy, and a Post-Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy. She has been interviewed about spiritual entrepreneurship, soul-satisfying work, the inner work of building a business, moving beyond fear, transforming your money relationship, and liberating your leadership by a number of entrepreneurial podcasts and radio shows, such as Amplified, Daring Woman, Motherhood Unstressed, The Propel Show, Ready Set Grit, Spiritual Entrepreneur, Wild Heart Radio, and Money Matters.

Jessica’s passion for making the most of this precious life was activated by facing death and illness at an early age and radiates through her inspiring presence. Jessica has moved beyond her own fears to present at Princeton University, perform at TEDx, collaborate on state with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, appear on the cover of Mogul Muse magazine, improvise on TV in her favorite tutu, and to lead The Shift from Fear to Love 

Most launch programs are all about WHAT you do when you launch. What tools to use, what timelines, psychological tricks, pricing, techniques to hook potential get the picture.

Joy of Launching isn't about WHAT you do, it's about HOW you do it.

~Are you tapping into your soul's deepest inner knowing through each step of your launch?

~Does your heart sing with joy and clarity of purpose as you set up your sales page?

~Will you feel just as enthusiastic and amazed about YOUR growth after your launch, as you do that of your clients?

These are the types of outcomes you experience with Joy of Launching-- a far cry from the ordinary.

To a large degree, this depends on you and how much time you are wanting to put into your launch and much support you want to receive.

Each week you will:

-Receive new course materials to review at your leisure (approx. 90 minutes/week)

-Participate live (or via replay) in a group coaching call (75 minutes)

-Tune into your Inner-Guided Launch Map daily (approx. 30 min./day)

-Participate as much (or as little!) as you prefer in the online group--our high vibe launch lab (approx. 0-90 min./week)

-Take Launch Actions that work with your own marketing launch timeline and inspired flow. (Up to you!)

Oh, my dear, how many times I have heard this story! At some point, so many of us have become convinced that "art" is some hallowed, far-off, amazing thing that only special people can do. What a bundle of nonsense to unpack in this shared belief!

As an Expressive Arts Therapist, I have worked with hundreds of "bad artists" to unleash their souls' creative connection to Higher Power. This has nothing to do with technical artistic prowess, and everything to do with embracing your inherent nature as a co-creator.

In Joy of Launching there is no right or wrong way to draw your Launch Map, only the way that does or does not feel aligned.

Anything created in alignment with your soul will serve as your artful approach to the creation of your Inner Guided Launch Map.

Every person who chooses the VIP Upgrade will benefit from my highest level of support. And these private sessions always change the trajectory of my client's launch.

When you consider the desired income you want to bring in during your next launch, does this investment in private support make sense? If so, then YOU are the one that this VIP Upgrade was designed to serve.

Those that choose the VIP Upgrade will receive private coaching sessions focused on key aspects of the Joy of Launching process:

1. "Align Your Launch with Your Soul"
2.  "Design Your Inner Guided Launch Map"

As long as you are an established talented entrepreneur with a desire to launch something you're passionate about within the next 6 months, you're in exactly the right spot!

The Joy of Launching is designed to teach you an intuitive, inner-guided, soul-satisfying way of Launching. This process, once embodied, will be yours forever.

The most ideal scenario is to participate in this program prior to an upcoming Launch (that is 1 to 6 months away), and then use your new guidance throughout that launch process. 

I offer continuation support for those who desire to be fully supported throughout the completion of their actual launch process after Joy of Launching concludes.

It is my strong belief that we receive the value to which we are committed. In order to receive the most value from this (or any) program, you must commit 100% to showing up and doing the inner and outer work. 

Because your outcomes are solely influenced by your commitment, my policies are designed to secure your strongest possible commitment.

I guarantee that program participants will receive access to all program materials, coaching calls, and forums included in Joy of Launching.

There are no refunds: all sales are final.

If you are ready to experience Joy of Launching, I invite you to commit fully to experiencing whatever brilliant, creative, inspired outcome is best for your soul in this moment.

If you are not yet ready for that level of commitment, that's great too. This may not be the right time, place, or program for your soul.

If you're still undecided, connect with your heart right now. As your heart for a "Yes" or "No" about Joy of Launching being in your highest good. Trust the answer you receive: it will lead you on the satisfying path most aligned to your heart + soul. 

Your amazing mind has thought of something we haven't covered on the page, and you need clarity in order to tap into your Inner-Guidance and make your decision. We are here to support this process!

Email [email protected] and we'll be delighted to answer any questions you have about the Joy of Launching!

Check out the profound transformations experienced by clients whose launches I have had the Joy of supporting.

Take this moment to tune in to your own inner-guided yes or no to this opportunity.

If you feel an inner-guided Yes, I encourage you to invest in the support you need to launch in a soul-satisfying way.