If you're burning out instead of coming alive...it's time for a 180.

Sep 11, 2019

Today's I hope this writing inspires you to shift from burn out to a path of purpose and passion. Yes indeed, consider this a pulse check--are you coming alive or burning out?! If  there is anything in your life and work that is heading you toward burn out, this is your moment to make a 180. 

~ Are you overworking in a way that drains you?
~ Are you keeping your true passion hidden beneath your professional facade?
~ Have you overcomplicated your search for purpose leaving you confused?
~ Have you still not created the business that lets you do your soul-inspired work?
~ Are you blocking Money from powerfully partnering with your passion & purpose?

It's time to step onto a new path that enlivens you.

To inspire this pivotal shift in you today, I want to introduce you to Dr. Stormy Hill--who is a vibrant, enlivened example of transforming her work life from burn out to fully expressed passion and purpose. Over the course of our year together in my Love Liberate Lead private coaching program, she let go of her burn out habits, behaviors, thoughts, and actions to make space for her true desire to become her reality. As you read her story, may it inspire your own powerful choices to reorient you toward making the most of your precious life.

So, read on my friend, for you won't want to miss the opportunity to know Stormy Hill--nature loving, adventure-seeking, huge hearted, super smarted, playfully spirited, deeply loving Queen of sacred sexuality. 

“When I first started coaching with Jessica, I was burned out at work. I was running full speed at the helm of my two businesses—one focused on recovery from addiction and one focused on occupational therapy for children, yet I still felt disconnected from my sense of purpose and passion. I wanted to somehow (amidst it all) birth a third business—one focused on my true passion of teaching sacred sexuality.

I deeply desired to step fully into my calling, lead life with my heart, and trust God in all things.  But I didn’t know how to get from burned out to where I wanted to be.

In fact this third passion-based business didn’t even seem possible. I was already overworking and had zero time to start something new. And, as a doctor at the helm of two well-known businesses, I was scared to step out publicly into the sacred sexuality sphere. And so I had been keeping that part of me in hiding.

When I started Love Liberate Lead, Jessica guided me in clarifying my purpose…which is to LOVE DEEP. I was surprised to discover how simple—yet profound—my purpose really is. Once I was clear on that, Jessica supported me to let go of what was no longer serving me in my life and work to make space for my purpose and passion to fully emerge.The good news is that I didn’t have to let go of my existing businesses; rather, I had to shift HOW I was approaching and leading my existing businesses. Rather than approaching them in ways that drained me, I discovered how to delegate to my capable team and lead in alignment with Love.

Once I made space in my life, there was nothing stopping me from starting my sacred sexuality business…except myself. I had to make peace with my Inner Critic, overcome the fear of exposing my true passion for sacred sexuality, and give some healing attention to the not-good-enough belief within me.  

I had to realize that money could be a supportive partner in my sacred sexuality work rather than seeing my passion work as a hobby that was separate from money-making. This required transforming my mindset around money from fear and scarcity to love and abundance.

In order to be fully ready to create my sacred sexuality business, I also had to develop an intimate friendship and connection with my inner Queen. Once this divine self was leading my inner team I was ready to courageously step into my greater calling as a Sacred Sexuality Educator.

While continuing to lead my existing two businesses—delegating more and more to my wonderful team-- I created my business, “Love Deep”, teaching embodied sacred sexuality. I have created my signature “Love Deep Lab” coaching program and enrolled ideal clients. I can’t believe that a year ago, Love Deep did not exist!

From logistics to creating the offerings to the courageous marketing of putting my passion out into the world -- I have overcome all the many challenging parts of launching a new business, with Jessica’s love and support for me each step of the way.

As a result of this year, I now am doing the work I am meant to do. I actually created a business that lets me offer my soul-inspired work, something I didn’t believe would ever happen. I am trusting God deeply and creating a life of love, service, passion, and abundance.

Jessica is a coaching ninja. She is a delightful intuitive guide: able to tap into her own heart and yours, and then meet you where you are and guide you to where you want to be. She has the amazing ability to provide structure to a terrain that can seem so vast, yet leave the perfect amount of room for you to wander, explore, learn, and grow. Most importantly, she was able to discern what was needed for the growth I desired, support my intimate connection with God, point me back to my inner guidance, help me embody my Queen, and become my greatest cheerleader every step of the way.

Over our year working together, Jessica found the gaps between where I was and where I wanted to be and helped me traverse them.
She directed me when I needed direction. She was able to nurture me when I needed nurturing. She held me accountable when I needed accountability. She encouraged me when I needed encouragement. And she did all of this with love and a truly hilarious sense of humor.

In every session it was obvious how much Jessica loved journeying with me. I could feel her love each step of the way. This is what the world needs so much more of.... deep safe conscious love. Because of Jessica, because of this Love Liberate Lead program, I feel bold enough and brave enough to step into the world and Love Deep.

~ Stormy Hill 
   Sacred Sexuality Educator at Love Deep
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May you shift from a path of burn out to a path that brings you fully ALIVE with passion and purpose.


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