The next year of your life and work is Pivotal. Your greater calling is asking you to launch your next level..

I offer YOU my highest quality private coaching support customized around your soul's desire for the next year of your life. Let's love & liberate yourself -- letting go of what is misaligned in your life & business to embody your next level of aligned leadership, purposeful impact, desired income, and soul satisfaction.

Amazing One, you’ve been noticing all kinds of inklings, impulses, and visions urging you to step into a new direction with your work and life. Because this new direction involves dramatic change, you’ve been suppressing these deeper callings for months or even years.

But the truth is, you have outgrown parts of your business, your identity, your role, your story, your box. And it is too painful to constrict and constrain your true self any longer. You do not want to continue in the same exact way for a single day more. It is time for Reinvention.

You've been scared of failing. Worried about making a bold new choice and getting it wrong. What if-ing yourself out the whazoo about what others might think of you. And questioning your own abilities, whether you're even good enough to make this bigger vision real. Even while everyone around you gushes about how talented you are. 

Deep down though you know it's time. Time to move beyond fear. Time to come out of hiding. Time to stop pretending or even lying. Time to stop letting shame keep you small. Time to boldly express who you really are. And you know any further delay wastes your precious life.

You’re ready to break free of the boxes, roles, facades, expectations, and labels that suppress you. You know that the world does not benefit from you limiting your unique talents – as the work you’re being called to do will make such a positive difference for others.

It's time to trust yourself like never before.

You are ready for radical transformation, liberation, and creation.

It's time to let the old chapter die so you can powerfully birth the new one.

My name is Jessica Chilton and I am not scared of your dark places or the power of your light. I’m an Expressive Arts Therapist and Transformational Coach for talented humans like you who are ready to pivot their life and work.

Plus, I get it. I remember the exact day when I realized everything had to change in my life and work. I had created an entire business based on everyone else's advice, strategies, formulas, and expectations. And in doing so, I constructed a slick professional identity-- a false facade--that hid my heart & soul and made me feel like a fraud. My business boxed me in rather than set me free--marketing to my chronic illness clients required that I tell my same old auto-immune illness story everyday. I had become the chronic illness lady instead of the liberated woman I longed to be. Finally the day came when I powerfully decided to let everything misaligned go. And that was the start of my most soul-satisfying chapter of life.

I offer you my loving healing presence and my 'how to' guidance around your desired transformation. I will guide you through the process of letting go of what is ready to 'die' within yourself, your life, your work--making potent space for you to reinvent and create anew. In this new chapter, I'll powerfully support you to move beyond what holds you back from being your truest self, step into the purposeful work that most satisfies your soul, and contribute in the way you are uniquely designed to lead. And every step of the way, the journey will be higher-powered--guided by your heart and soul.

It's time to be who you were born to be.

Which of these inner growth areas are ripe for transformation?

  • Shift from fear to love with each thought, choice, and action.
  • No longer let old wounds, limiting stories, and inner child parts churn up fear & shame and hold you back.
  • Heal the dysfunction in your relationship with money so you can bring your desires into reality.
  • Liberate your true self to be fully expressed.
  • Transform your sense of powerlessness and fully embody your True Power.
  • Grow beyond dependence into empowered confidence. 
  • Shift from external validation to inner guidance.
  • Evolve from not enoughness to self-love and innate worthiness. 
  • Trust yourself like never before, so you can confidently follow your heart wherever it calls you to go.
  • Fully embody your Divine nature.

It's time to give what you were born to give.

How is your leadership meant to expand in the next year?

  • Love and care for yourself first, so that you can give your best to others.
  • Move beyond fear to say a Big Yes to your greater calling.
  • Clarify the purposeful work that you are uniquely designed to do.
  • Know the stand you are taking and commit to this leadership mission with all of your heart.
  • Act as the Creator of your life, letting your Spirit powerfully guide your vision into reality.
  • Take liberating actions each day that progress you forward in making your unique contribution.
  • Learn to trust yourself like never before, so that you can make your wisest decisions each day and overcome any obstacle on your path.
  • Receive the support you want and the income you desire to expand your capacity to lead.

Let's make the most of this precious life.

I'm here to support you.

Let's give you everything you need to do the inner and outer work that will usher in your most soul-satisfying chapter yet. It's time to unleash your full power, purpose, and potential. Only then will the world benefit from your greatest contribution.

When you work with me, you will gain from my 15 years as an Expressive Arts Therapist blended with my 10 years of business training and entrepreneurial experience. You will benefit from my expansive capacity to love as well as my skilled ability to guide others through major transformations in their lives. You will also likely appreciate my humanness--particularly my journey of letting my true self come out of hiding. Yes, I too have experienced my share of shame, fear, and powerlessness along the way to where I am now. I have walked the path from princess to divine Queen to embody the power of Love. This unique constellation of training and experience, allows me to guide you through the essential inner work needed and practical actions required to shape your next soul-satisfying chapter. 

I have inspired thousands of people to become crystal clear in their answers to the big questions we face after significant life transitions. I love meeting you here on the precipice of "What’s Next" in your life as you ask: Who am I now? What is my deeper purpose calling me to do next? And what greater contribution am I meant to make? These were the same questions that I explored after the death of my sister, after my chronic illness healing journey, after letting go of a misaligned business venture, and again after becoming a mother.

I am passionate about helping others turn life’s big transitions into transformational launch pads. Yes, it does involve coming out of hiding. It does involve facing your fears and moving beyond them. It does mean learning to love every part of yourself and your life that burns with shame. It does involve taking imperfect action and learning from mistakes. It does mean that some people won't like what you say or do. And it will involve shining the light into all the dark places...But I will be there with you, offering loving acceptance and clear guidance. I walk my talk. I do this work alongside of you, 2 rising leaders, growing into our next level of purpose and potential together.

Just like I moved through my own fears to perform at TEDx, collaborate on stage with singer-songwriter David Wilcox, present at Princeton University, appear on the cover of Mogul Muse Magazine, and improvise on TV in my favorite tutu, you can move through fear to your next level of leadership. Let's discover where your heart is calling you to grow.

The world needs your greatest contribution.

Lorrie's 'Love Liberate Lead' Story

"I decided to invest in Jessica’s private coaching program 2 years ago, because I knew I was ready to experience deep transformation and create the life that my soul truly desires.

At that time, my life was entirely different. I was feeling constricted and dissatisfied in so many ways—in myself, in my marriage, in my life. I was not feeling ALIVE. I did not feel free to be myself. I was stuck in old patterns of perfectionism & people-pleasing—conforming to what everyone else wanted me to be. My creative expression and purposeful potential felt blocked and untapped. And I was not happy.

Each month of the program, Jessica guided me in choosing a transformational theme that would inspire my next level of growth. She supported me in doing the inner work around that theme and offered accountability and feedback as I completed an artistic monthly project that was a creative expression of my soul. Some of the most amazing creations would come out of me because she held me accountable. My Angel Warrior painting, pictured here, is one of the most meaningful to me.

As a result, my life became the most amazing creative project of all. Jessica helped me stay on my path so I could express my soul in all ways-- not just in my monthly creative projects, but also in the ultimate creation of my soul-satisfying life.

While working with Jessica over the course of two years (when the first year’s program ended I immediately signed up to continue), so much has changed.

I have navigated a divorce in an empowering way. I have reached a level of forgiveness and expanded love for my ex-husband that has resulted in a harmonious and beautiful modern family. I am now able to let men into my life and enjoy their gifts without losing myself.

I have let go of fears, judgments, expectations, attachments and limitations.

I have stepped into my creative power, painting the most transformational paintings of my life. And I am deepening my sense of purpose and positive impact through the way I am contributing in my community.

I have bought a new property and transformed it into a retreat center and monastery, while I am also supporting other artists and causes that inspire me through conscious investment.

I have stepped into my divine femininity in ways that are so juicy and delicious, deepening my connection to God and opening me to infinite possibilities and love.

I truly feel like a much more liberated woman today than I was two years ago. Working with Jessica was an integral part in all these experiences and expansions. I'm in gratitude for her presence, her insight, her intuition, and her creativity that served me in the perfect ways along the journey.

Here I stand in the retreat center I have created. My own transformational art is in the background hanging on the wall. I stand in this sacred space in direct connection with God. 

Lorrie ~

Transformational Artist
Retreat Center Steward
Conscious Investor

I'd love to share my SPARK with you.

As we work together...

You will receive my highest level of customized support through this Love Liberate Lead year-long private coaching program.

This program is for you if…

♦ You desire a customized year of private coaching where I support your heart and soul to lead the way, offering aligned guidance, daily practices, monthly projects and accountability to ensure inspired new action and lasting change.

♦ You want radical transformation, dramatic liberation, and impactful creation in the next year of your life, and a loving skilled guide each step of the way.

♦ You are ready to invest time, energy, and money in your personal and professional growth and receive the highest quality support you deserve.

♦ You are ready to trust yourself like never before--accessing inner guidance you can trust 100% and taking aligned action in the direction it is guiding you to go.

This program is not for you if..

You are not willing to close the old chapter so you can start a new chapter that fully satisfies your soul.

♦ You are not interested in a creative spiritual approach to transformation and leadership.

♦ You are not ready to follow through with the potent daily practices and inspired monthly projects between our private coaching sessions that will most powerfully support you to Love Liberate and Lead.

Apply for Love Liberate Lead and schedule your Visioning Session which serves as a 2-way interview process.

It is time to trust yourself like never before.

Program Details

Your 'Love Liberate Lead' Private Program supports you for the next pivotal year of your life.

Your Program Includes…

♦ Customized private online home base designed just for you--with all audios, coaching feedback, accountability journaling, session replay recordings, daily practices, and monthly projects organized to support you each step of the way.

♦ Weekly support from Jessica for an entire year--in various forms of support including private coaching sessions, written feedback, and personalized recorded messages & customized audio meditations.

♦ Receive a new transformational theme with the help of Jessica and your inner guidance each month, around which we design your daily practices and monthly project.

♦ 18 private coaching sessions with Jessica to support you to Love Liberate and Lead this year.

You will also receive these Bonus Gifts on the day you enroll...

♦ An "Activation Session" with Jessica to begin your Love Liberate Lead experience with potent clarity and decisive commitment.

♦Access to The Shine Expansive Online Guided Journey to begin right when you enroll. This transformative intensive will be the most powerful way you could begin your next pivotal year and will accelerate your growth in the first month of Love Liberate Lead.

Apply for Love Liberate Lead and schedule your Visioning Session which serves as a 2-way interview process.

Know that our journey together contributes to the shift from fear to love that our world needs.