Experience Spirited Improv with us!

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Join us for a Spirited Improv Experience in Asheville, NC!

Come together with others on the spiritual awakening journey to share, express, connect, heal, be vulnerable, align, expand, laugh, unify, harmonize, surrender, liberate, and elevate…all while playing in the land of creative improvisation.

Whether improv scares or delights you, join us in creating a full-permission, encouraging atmosphere for creative experimentation, soulful expression, trusting connection, and spiritual awakening. Facilitated by Jessica Chilton, we use drama improv forms, expressive arts, personal storytelling, authentic movement, and heart-centered witnessing to express our journey of conscious living and dying. Marvel in our divinity and revel in our humanity with an inspiring group that plays with love.

Spirited Improv is where spiritual awakening, conscious connection, sacred play, and drama improv all come together for some fun!
Here are your opportunities to join us…

Experience our Spring 2024 Spirited Improv Series
Wednesdays 5:30-7:30.
Playshops are Apr 10, Apr 17, Apr 24, May 1
(plus option to perform May 8)

Registration deadline Saturday April 6th: $100 Public / $80 Members (Coupon Code: CCLD) 
*20% of registration donated to CCLD
*Don’t let money stop you from coming—email me requesting a scholarship spot at [email protected]

Participation Requirement: Make sure you can participate in a minimum of 3 playshops or 2 playshops + performance before signing up. This Series is for total beginners as well as those who have already played in the land of Spirited Improv and are ready for a brand new group experience in the unknown.

Performance (optional): Our ‘invite friends and family’ Spirited Improv Performance will be Wednesday May 8th 5:30-7:30pm. All participants in this series receive a free ticket to the performance with the option to be in the audience or on-stage.

What to Expect:
This series creates a loving encouraging space to experiment with Spirited Improv. The experience invites you to show up exactly as you are—in the full power of your vulnerable humanness and uniquely expressed divinity.

* Playshops & Performances take place at “The Light House” at Center for Conscious Living & Dying. 82 Sanctuary Rd., Swannanoa, NC, 28778.

Join our Spring Series of Spirited Improv Here — beginners and experienced improvisers welcome!

Be in the Interactive Audience for our  
“Spirited Improv Performance” Fundraiser for CCLD
May 8, 2024 6-8pm

Reserve your Seat now as there are very limited seats available. Choose your own Ticket Price knowing 100% is donated to CCLD.

What to Expect:
Join us in the unknown, for an improvisational sacred showcase of the human experience. All audience members are asked to be a loving presence, open to deep connection with the collective experience, and ready to share from their heart. Revel in what comes through the spirited humans on stage, each revealing a unique expression of the Whole.

* The Light House at Center for Conscious Living & Dying. 82 Sanctuary Rd., Swannanoa, NC, 28778.

Claim your Seat for our May 8th Spirited Improv Performance Fundraiser here!
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Let Spirited Improv move you into …

Full Permission to Be Who You Are

“I’m so grateful for Spirited Improv because it offers a play space where I feel total permission to unleash my true, complete, whole, and carefree self. To give and receive love, joy, and deep connection. Free from fear of judgment or a need to “be or do” anything. The magic of this offering comes with any Jessica Experience as her presence opens people to full permission to be their true selves and express their essence in the now, without worry about the moment ahead or behind. This is a space that allows for truly beautiful, co-created Spirited expression.” ~ Hannah

Cathartic Release & Being Fully in Your Heart

“Jessica Chilton’s Spirited Improv is a transformative experience. I did not know what to expect—I definitely did not know that I’d  be leaving that night fully in my heart, and with such a sweet satisfaction of expression, cathartic release, and authentic connection. This woman is an incredible facilitator and deserves her own Broadway show. She gives every ounce of her being and channels something that can only be described in poetry.” ~ Alena

Sheer Joy & Breaking Out of Our Own Boxes

"Spirited Improv is sheer joy! It is the perfect combination of challenge and breaking out of our own boxes, while allowing our conscious connection with unconditional love and trust to come through. This combination is so inspiring, as well as fertile ground for authentic expression. Jessica holds a masterful space, inviting co-creation, curiosity and so much play!" ~ Misa

Intimate Connection & Expanded Freedom

“Spirited Improv was an amazing blend of joyful play, creative experimentation and surprisingly tender, intimate connections. Jessica is an incredibly gifted, big-hearted and creative leader. I felt so much freer, happier and full of love after!” ~ Elah

Higher Realms while Grounded on Earthly Plane

“To create a container that reaches into higher realms and keeps us on our earthly plane is no easy task. Jessica is truly brilliant at this! She created such a welcoming and safe place to be natural with others and let expression arise. I highly recommend Spirited Improv if you’re looking to welcome in more joy, creativity, connection and playfulness into life!” ~ Sara

Whether you are brand new to improv or a pro, you can experience…

Medicine for Your Heart & Nervous System

“I almost didn't go, as it had been a particularly challenging time. Such a delightful surprise for Spirited Improv to be just the right medicine for my heart, nervous system, and the parts of me that were hungry for creativity and play.  Jessica is a gifted space holder, and gentle yet courageous facilitator. The spectrum of her choices invited me to move physically and emotionally through so much that had been stuck.” ~Sheri

Liberating Embodiment of the Silly & Sacred Hilarious Humanness

“I experienced Spirited Improv as liberating embodiment. It truly runs the gamut from silly to sacred and everything in between. As someone who has done a fair amount of improv, it was refreshing to be invited into deeper creative and spiritual waters while using foundational improv methods as the vehicle. Jessica provides a beautiful space for introspection, authentic community connection and lots of laughter. Unlike traditional comedy improv classes, there is no sense of the underlying pressure to "be funny". Instead, we realize humor as a natural byproduct when we explore and share our hilarious human-ness.” ~Lindy

Trusting Yourself in the Unknown

“What a delightful and fun experience! Spirited Improv put me in a position to keep stepping into the unknown and trusting myself. I felt free and I felt in touch with the deep, knowing part of me while still reveling in play, laughter, and fun in the moment. I would 10/10 recommend this experience and Jessica's magic for anyone." ~Amanda

Love that Touches Your Heart

“I was worried that in going to Spirited Improv I would feel a need be funny or clever. I was very wrong-- the time together was very fun, safe, joyful and also amazingly potent. Jessica brings a variety of creative group experiences and each one we played with touched my heart. I felt nourished, loved and energized!” ~Lynne

Each Human’s Unique Expression of Love

“While I can tend to be shy, the environment Jessica creates allowed me to feel comfortable to show up. I was astounded by what naturally flowed out me and others, allowing the experience of connectedness and love. One takeaway among many: We are all One and much more alike—sharing the same challenges of being Human. At the same time, our individual expressions are also so perfectly unique. The world craves our unique expressions of Love. Thank you Jessica for creating an environment I can experience this in!” ~Tama

Come and Play in the land of Spirited Improv!


Facilitator, Jessica Chilton, has delighted in Improv for 20 years.

I am so thrilled to be calling in playmates for this Spirited Improv group. So many highlights in my life have unfolded on stage. From being in the Playback Theatre Improv Company for 8 years, to leading events like "Spotlight Liberation" and "Shift from Fear to Love" and "The Shine Expansive," I love turning the stage into a loving place to see and be seen, a platform for transformation, and an amplification of the present moment. As a conscious coach, expressive arts therapist, retreat facilitator, performing artist, and 24/7 Mom, I weave improv into everything. It's simply what I was born to do!

Feel into the intentions, photos, and videos shared below to see if your heart says "Yes!" to playing together soon.

Why Spirited Improv?


Spirited Improv Brings Out the Magic

Aditi Sethi-Brown, Founder of Center for Conscious Living & Dying, describes Jessica’s improv magic.

Feel encouraged to share your heart. 

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Be playful, silly, creative, and free!

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Get out of the boxes and ruts you’re in and creatively explore. 

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Express your experiences of struggle, trust, and triumph. 

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Feel the oneness and uniqueness of us all. 

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Let your body, your voice, & your expression be seen and heard in the sacred spotlight.

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Stretch beyond your norms. 

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Honor the whole range of the human experience.

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Let Spirit move your Body.

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Feel intimate connection with other souls. 

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Learn to trust in the unknown.

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Feel Joy and Aliveness bounding from within you.

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Let go and flow. 

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May our spiritual paths cross in the most improvisational of ways.

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