Poetic Celebration of All of Creation.

Jessica Chilton - SPARK
Poetic Celebration of All of Creation.

After a year of this global pandemic, we each have changed. There's a lot I could say about letting go of aspects of my identity, moving through the caterpillar soup phase (you know, when the caterpillar dissolves into goo in the cocoon before its cells are reorganized into its next evolution), and awakening into today's rendition of the butterfly I am. And I imagine there is so much you could share too.

For now, I will simply share my most recent recording, infused with an ocean of...

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Perfectly Imperfect Mother

Today's Spark wishes you a meaningful mother's day no matter what specific meaning it has for you. 

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For me this day is a celebration of my wonderful mother, a celebration of the joy of being a mother to Oskar, and a celebration of the perspective that all mother-child matches are perfectly imperfect. 

No matter what your own relationship is with your mother, can you see it as perfect for the soul that you are? Whether...

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The Rite of Passage of this Pandemic

Today's writing sees this pandemic as a rite of passage into who you and we are meant to become next. 

As mentioned last week, this is part of a new free meditation series to support each of us in experiencing this pandemic as a time of compassion, awakening, and deep trust. Today's writing is an excerpt from the Openness Meditation, the O of the C.O.V.I.D. Meditation Series. 

Dive into the C.O.V.I.D.19 Meditation Series here.

This Pandemic is a...

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Mediation Series to Awaken through a Pandemic

Today I offer you a new free meditation series to support you in experiencing this pandemic as a time of compassion, awakening, and deep trust.

I created this meditation series by synthesizing the insights and realizations of my awakening journey thus far. I have crystalized the most powerful moments from several years with mentors, spiritual teachers, nature, peak experiences, and soulfriends, into these guided meditations to support all of us to become ever...

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Leading in the Unknown ~ guided meditation to surrender control, fear, insecurity & relax into true power to lead.

Now it's true that we're always in the unknown. But often we humans keep blinders on and distract ourselves however possible from this fact. This is because we don't want to feel the fear, anxiety, insecurity, panic, worry, and overwhelm that can arise in the human experience when we see just how unknown everything in life really is.

In the midst of the global Coronavirus Pandemic, the unknown is so in our face that we cannot deny it. Right? Uncertainty is blatant....

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The Creation Stuck Inside of You Wants to Emerge

Today's Spark opens the doors through which the creations and gifts stuck inside of you can emerge. 

First, let me tell you that the doors of my heart have swung wide open with the help of my new (free) facebook group "Improvisational Songs, Poems, and Messages for YOU." Within days of opening it, we have so many playmates gathered together in this space and my gifts and creations are fully being let out to play! I go Live and hear the participants' personal responses to...

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The Terror Barrier Between You and Your Next Level

Let me start by reminding you that it is completely natural for major fear to arise when you are growing into your next level.

Expansion threatens the ego's sense of safety and triggers fear to stop us in our tracks and keep us from leaving our comfort zone. The good news is that Love~Inner Guidance~Highest Self~God always knows how to move through the terror barrier. As long as you let this divine voice lead, you will indeed make it through to the other side.

Because I have been...

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Awakening Beyond Hustling, Proving, Pushing

Today, I offer you my support in awakening beyond the old paradigm of doing business.

It's so interesting to wake up and discover that all the old motivations no longer do it for you. You've grown beyond all the old ego ways of controlling and manipulating, to try to get something or somewhere or someone. And you no longer thrive off of external validation or fit into the nice-girl people pleasing box that guaranteed approval. Ambitions fall away. You're no longer in overdrive. There's zero...

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I Must Profess...the True Glory of Love that You Are.

Today I invite you to remember the truth about LOVE.

As Valentine's Day approaches, love is in the air, but ironically this commercialized and sometimes pressure-filled holiday can stir up all kinds of contortions, distortions, limitations, and resistance to love.

So Today's Spark is here to connect you into the true Glory of Love--the love that you are, the love that created us, the love that moves us beyond every fear gateway, the love that calls you into your next level again and again.


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This Map Leads to Your Next Level

Today, I invite you to map a path to your next level as we open the doors to Joy of Launching!

If you have been following along lately with us, you've tapped into:
1. Who you're becoming in your next level.
2. What you're called to launch this year in full alignment with your heart and soul.

Joy of Launching 
offers you the nourishing next step with a 1-month support immersion to become your next level as you launch in the way that works for your Soul. Instead...

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