What is Love calling you to do, Rising Leaders?

No more holding back in fear.

Stay tuned for our next live event like last year's Shift from Fear to Love-- a transformative community experience of Love, Liberation, and Leadership.  

Until then, join our Shift from Fear to Love Initiative Online and become part of our community of rising leaders. Access free resources to support your personal shift from fear to love and clarify your next level of leadership.

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We want YOU to be in the room with us.

Ok, let’s go right to the heart of this. If fear is stopping you in any way from being the fully expressed leader you were born to be, make sure you are with us at our next Shift from Fear to Love Live Event. And if you believe that collectively we need to shift from fear to love in order to save our planet, solve our global problems, and heal our humanity, we need your impactful leadership in this community. Join our Shift Initiative right away and make your presence known.

It is clear that the problems of our world are rooted in fear. Similarly, our own inner challenges emanate from Fear. These fear-based inner and outer challenges feed and fuel each other--and stunt the highest potential in all of us. The good news is that in any moment, with any choice, through any action, we each have the power to shift from fear to love. Come experience your greatest power --amplified by the loving energy of hundreds of rising leaders shifting together.

As you may sense, this will not be a passive experience for you. Show up ready to open your heart and fully engage. Love will provide our sense of safety to stretch into liberating terrain. My aim is that you will unleash your next level of leadership at this event and that you will take ownership for what is yours to do in this personal and collective shift from fear to love.

The Shift from Fear to Love is a mission, a movement, a live event, and a growing community. It activates us to lead with Love and liberate from Fear. And you are now an important part of it.

Let’s join together and be a force for good,
Jessica Chilton,
Co-Leader of The Shift from Fear to Love (with You!)

Your Personal Shift from Fear to Love

When you DO NOT shift from fear to love, you ... Stay small. Hide your true self. Don't let your heart lead. Constrict, stagnate, disconnect, deaden. Stay safe and comfortably bored. Never become the leader you were born to be. Fall short of your potential. Don't make the most of your precious life. Stay in mind-led, ego-driven, safety-brain mode. Feel scared, anxious, sad, depressed, numb. Experience yourself as separate, alone, isolated, threatened. You protect, defend, compete, blame. Think you're better or less than others. Survive instead of thrive. Push, prove, hustle, burn out. Endlessly seek validation and love. Judge and criticize yourself and others. Stop yourself from going after your dreams. Never make the unique contribution that our world needs from you. Die the tragic death of an unexpressed Soul.

When you DO shift from fear to love, you... 

Feel connected with all living beings. Know you are loved exactly as you are. Live in a peaceful state of wholeness and worthiness. Experience the Creator you are, the Love that you are, the Power that you are. Are free to express your Soul, follow your Heart, and share your truth. Feel safe to step into expansive opportunities that grow you into the leader you were born to be. Make the unique contribution to our world that only you can make. 

Our Collective Shift from Fear to Love

When our world DOES NOT shift from fear to love, we ... Go to war. Kill each other. Destroy our planet. Treat immigrants inhumanely. Rape women. Sexually abuse children. Look down on people who are homeless. Shun people with mental illness. Use drugs to escape. Steal from others. Act racist and sexist and homophobic. Are politically divisive. Isolate convicts in prison & foster their downward spiral. Hurt others to help ourself.

When our world DOES shift from fear to love, we...

Prioritize conflict resolution and peace mediation. Take care of ALL children, rather than only our own children. Practice restorative justice & support the rehabilitation of humans in prison. Love the immigrant in all of us. Support conscious business. Bridge the political divides and welcome diverse collaborative leadership. Live in harmony with the earth, practicing environmental sustainability.

Let's clarify The Shift from Fear to Love for you.

Shift FAQ's

The Shift from Fear to Love is a live event, a mission, a movement, and a growing community. It activates us, personally and collectively, to lead with Love and liberate from Fear.

It is a growing community of rising leaders that share:

1. A common mission to personally and collectively shift from fear to love.

2. An awareness that: our inner challenges and our world's problems are rooted in fear; healing & sustainable solutions are aligned with love; and we each have the leadership capacity to shift from fear to love with every breath, thought, choice, action, and contribution.

3. A dedication to unleash our greatest leadership contributions, each shifting the world from fear to love in our own unique way.

The initiative currently includes live events that liberate leaders into their next level of contribution. It also includes an online community gathering place where members can access support and connect with each other to further the shift from fear to love following the event. Additionally, as we build energy for the initiative, members will be featured via video and interviews—highlighting their unique message and work related to the shift from fear to love.

Whether you are a leader within your family, your business, your classroom, your non-profit, your church, your city government, or any other realm, you are welcome here. Whether you are already boldly leading in our community or ready to bravely step into the leader you know you can be, we invite you to join us. 

Imagine what is possible if we all Lead with Love in our community. Envision mothers, fathers, volunteers, funders, community activists, artists, dancers, poets, musicians, practitioners, spiritual leaders, healers, coaches, revolutionaries, politicians, wisdom keepers, teachers leading with love in all sectors of Asheville. 

We welcome all rising leaders who are committed to ever-growing into their next level of leadership--moving beyond fear again and again, fueled by love and liberation.

Whether you are simply drawn to this mission or are already leading it in impactful ways, your unique contribution in a specific sphere of our community is needed. You might be focused on mental health, public education, racial equity, community service, business coaching, women's empowerment, money mindset, love-based politics, domestic violence, homelessness, positive parenting or any other realm where at the root you are helping to make a shift from fear to love.

As 'Shifters' we are:

~ Compassionate about different experiences of fear.

~ Committed to our personal growth around shifting from fear to love.

~ Connected to a Source of unconditional Love.

~ Welcoming of all people--seeing all humans as worthy of love.

At this event each participant will be clarifying and committing to their next level of leadership and specific contribution related to shifting our world from fear to love. Some will make this leadership contribution locally in Asheville and others will impact the global community. When each person moves beyond fear to say Yes to their greater calling, there is a positive ripple effect for all those they will now serve. When each person liberates from fear and leads with love, they become an example for others to do the same. In this way the personal shift we each make from fear to love contributes to the collective shift our world so clearly needs right now.

The purpose of the Live Event is to liberate your next level of leadership contribution, as we come together to shift ourselves and our world from fear to love.

The Vision for the Live Event includes many collaborative elements that will be woven together into a transformative, artful, improvisational, engaging experience on-stage. Whether you are on-stage or in the audience, you will experience personal transformation and community-building. Your full presence will naturally contribute to The Shift from Fear to Love.

We will begin our 4-hour experience creating a heightened state of love and liberation--weaving in the power of music, dance, singing, spoken word, meditation, guided visualization, and communal intention. You will then be invited into transformational experiences--a collage of journaling, partner work, open forum sharing, spotlight coaching, and improvisational creativity. Everything will be by choice where you decide how deeply you're ready to engage.

Participants takeaways from this event could include:

~ Clarity and courage for how you uniquely want to lead.

~ The liberated feeling of no longer holding yourself back in fear.

~ Conviction about your leadership role in shifting our world from fear to love.

~ Connections within a community of like-minded leaders.

~ Restored sense of the goodness of humanity.

~ Feeling of hope for what is possible in our world.

~ Commitment to specific action that you will be taking after the event.

~ Expanded capacity to Lead with Love.

~ Unforgettable, transformative, artful, community experience unlike any other.


Will you join our Shift from Fear to Love community?

Who is the catalyst behind this initiative?

The true catalyst is Love. However, this specific vision for The Shift from Fear to Love was received by Jessica Chilton, Expressive Arts Therapist and Business Coach--probably because it was clear she would say Yes and see it through! 

For those needing to trust the co-leader before joining in: Jessica has helped thousands of people around the world to move beyond fear to say yes to their greater calling--discovering who they truly are and what they’re uniquely designed to do. Through her signature program, Love Liberate Launch, Jessica blends business building with spiritual growth, personal transformation, and creative expression to help rising entrepreneurs create the business they were born to lead. For more established entrepreneurs ready for their next evolution in expanded leadership, she offers Love Liberate Lead. Personally, Jessica's early experiences with death and illness catalyze her passion for making the most of this precious life which radiates through her inspiring presence.

Jessica holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Duke University, an MA in Counseling and Expressive Arts Therapy, and Post-Master’s in Expressive Arts Therapy. Most importantly, she is deeply clear that it is her mission to shift our world from fear to love, one liberated leader at a time. This is what she was born to do.

For those wanting to hear Jessica personally share about The Shift from Fear to Love...

Listen to this Interview of Jessica sharing about The Shift from Fear to Love prior to our inaugural event in March 2019. Hear her answers to all our questions and then experience her improvisational singing and spoken word that emerges near the end of the interview. After you listen, you'll know if you're meant to be part of The Shift from Fear to Love.

Listen to the interview here.

Be Part of What the World Needs.

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Let our liberation ripple out into the world.


We're so excited you want to join us at our March 31st Live Event at Diana Wortham in downtown Asheville from 2-6pm.

Tickets are $39 for this 4-hour transformative, community-building, leadership event.

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