Your 2020 Guiding Word ... will change the trajectory of your entire year.

Jan 03, 2020

2020 is here!  May we open to a new chapter of possibility and step into it with intention in the direction of our deepest desire.   

Over and over again, inspired by the New Year, I have experienced the power of:
~ listening in and feeling my Deepest Desires,  
~ sensing my way to a focused Intention,  
~ and landing on a Guiding Word that will Grow me throughout the year ahead.    

In the potency of these first fresh days of January 2020, I want to share my New Year Reflection Questions so that you can clarify your own Guiding Word. These are the same questions I give my clients and the same ones I journal with myself. May they now lead you to the Clarity that will change the trajectory of an entire year of your life. 

Discovering Your New Year's Desire, Intention, and Guiding Word 
Take out a fresh new journal--or a blank piece of paper--and your favorite pen. Before writing, become fully present. Ground yourself in your body in this moment. Open yourself to your connection with God~Divine~Spirit~Source. Then center your attention in your Heart, letting your mind rest while your Heart leads the way with this journaling process. Give yourself full permission to write from your Heart in stream-of-conscious style. Tune back into your Heart between each question.  

1. Where is your Heart calling you to go this year? 

2. What Transformation is your Heart calling you into this year? 

3. What Liberation is your Heart calling you towards this year? 

4. What new Creation is your Heart calling you into this year? 
5. What are the Deep Desires that you want to bring into reality by the end of the year? 

6. What are 3 challenges you want to have moved beyond by the end of the year? 

7. Which one word is your Heart giving you as your focus for this year? Name your Word of the Year. 

8. Write your Intention statement for this year-long journey (including your word of the year within the statement). When your Heart feels a Yes, you will know you have landed in Clarity. This Intention will light your way in 2020.  

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