8 Uncomfortable Truths About My Money Shame

Apr 17, 2014

I’m here today to be brave.

Yes. I want to bravely tell you 8 uncomfortable truths I have never shared before about my money shame. Will you listen?

I created this vulnerable recording for you because I’m ready to tell you about it and release it. And I have a strong sense it will be a catalyst for your own liberation as well.

Money Liberation Podcast with Jessica Chilton

“My Shame. Our Liberation.”

I’m ready for the complete liberation that can only come with you as my witness. Because the shame comes from feeling like I’m hiding a part of my truth. The shame comes from feeling like I’m keeping a secret from you. The shame comes from fearing that you’ll ask. The shame comes from the difference between the way you see me, and the rest of the picture that is below the surface.

You do not know the complete ‘under the surface’ me, specifically regarding my relationship with money. I made this recording because it is now crucial for my growth and expansion into the leader I am meant to be that I share this part of me with you. Because, without sharing, shame lives on.

I am so ready to feel liberated. I am so ready to free myself from past money shame so that I can step fully into an empowered relationship with money and inspire you to do the same.

Thank you for giving me this liberating opportunity. I hope my sharing opens the door to your own liberation.


After listening to this audio, ask yourself:

—> Where do you need to be liberated in your relationship with money?

—> Where do you feel shame?

—> Are you hiding part of your truth, keeping secret part of your story, fearing a question someone might dare to ask?

—> What do you need to do to move beyond shame and into liberation?

 I invite you to join me in coming out of hiding.

Share the whole truth.

And welcome in your Liberation!

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