9 Liberating Discoveries to Be Bravely Yourself

Jul 14, 2014

‘My Week of Bravery’ came to a climactic end with my 5 liberating minutes on stage last Friday night. 

 The question of the night was:

“Do you have something that you know that if you do it, it will move your life forward, but you’re scared to do it?”

My Answer was YES!

What would your answer be?!

Indeed, my answer was YES. I know I’m meant to be on stage speaking, performing and inspiring large audiences, and I was so ready to liberate myself from all that holds me back so that I can open up to this call. 

If I stay blocked by fears of failure and disapproval, if I stay blocked by mental overdrive for perfection, I’ll never get to make the positive impact that I feel I can make in my lifetime.

In response to this question, I knew what I needed to do. (Do you know what you need to do?)

I needed to step on stage without a script, without a plan. And that scared me. 

I needed to step on stage with only one intention–to be myself and trust myself. That felt like a naked scary leap of faith.

I needed to step on that stage without needing to be liked or even loved by the audience–without needing external validation of any kind. Just the idea of that felt absolutely liberating!!

So, since my answer was a huge YES, I was invited on stage as one of the courageous participants in the Night of Bravery Event hosted by one of my favorite bands, Stephanie’s ID.

Here’s what happened:

From these five minutes of liberation on stage I gained so much. 

I want to share My 9 Liberating Discoveries with you as inspiration for your own journey to be bravely yourself (on and off stage)!

1. Rather than perfecting a script, I now prepare for a performance or speaking event by practicing being bravely myself, tuning into guidance, and improvising from a place of trust.

2. I accept my body as it is (before performing and while on-stage), acknowledge how it’s feeling physically and emotionally, and learn from what it tells me.

3. I walk onto the stage firmly anchored in my internal sense of love, worth, and power. I share myself freely with the audience, without needing any validation back from them. I let them be free to judge and engage however they choose.

4. I let the stage become my liberation launch pad where the spotlights illuminate all that I am and the microphone amplifies the truth I’m here to share.

5. While on stage, I trust my wise self and God to guide me. I trust that what is meant to happen is happening.

6. I talk intimately to the audience like a trusted friend. I share whatever is going on for me in the present moment. I let my vulnerability open our hearts to set the stage for a transformative experience.

7. I let my mind follow the lead of my heart and spirit. I let my mind become brilliant by connecting with my inner light.

8. I improvise and learn! When I let myself improvise, I learn new things about myself that bubble up from my true core. This time I discovered that, “In the heart of me I’m an improvisational healing artist.” I never called myself this before. I am ready to own this title.

9. I now know that…Being Myself is No Big Deal. And if being on stage means being myself, then these performances and speaking events can feel easeful. I feel ready to say “Yes!” to any future on-stage opportunity that welcomes me to be fully myself. I know there is ease, joy, trust, and liberation in this path. I’m ready to shine on any stage, simply by being me!

So, now it’s your turn.

After watching this video and reading my reflections, notice what is stirring in you…

What did you notice in yourself as you witnessed me on stage?

Which of these 9 discoveries inspire you?

What would you do on stage in your 5 liberating minutes?

Where are you in your journey of being bravely yourself?

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