9 Potent Truths for Soulful Entrepreneurs

Aug 03, 2017

Today's SPARK comes to you from this week's peak experience--coaching an inspired group of soulful entrepreneurs to create the business they were born to lead. I chronicle our retreat experience here to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in you. May you move in the direction of your next peak experience. 

Yes, it is undeniably true. I love supporting trailblazers in the form of coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, artists, healers, doulas, mediators, educators, yogis, and other soulful service providers who are determined to make a positive difference with their gifts. It is so satisfying to support women who are on a mission -- one that sends them pioneering through entrepreneurial terrain, fueled with a desire to make a positive difference in the world.

This past week was a peak experience because I got to be together with an intimate group of these wonderful trailblazers, growing their heart-centered businesses...while under gorgeous trees, in a creek, around a sparkling firepit, on a trail, and at a cliff's edge.

I feel full of gratitude and kick-up-my-heels whimsy to be supporting, companioning, guiding, and encouraging these trailblazers along the way so they can unleash the work they are uniquely designed to do. How fun is that? I happen to think it's a blast!


Talk about soul satisfaction--building on the relationships we have been developing through my online Love Liberate Launch Coaching Program, we came together in-person for an overnight retreat in Hot Springs, North Carolina last week.

Today I'd like to share my favorite pictures and potent truths harvested from my time with these soulful entrepreneurs. It is my way of letting the goodness we experienced ripple out to you. (Annnnd, chirp chirp, if you truly want in on ALL the goodness, while creating the business you were born to lead, connect with me here as we're inviting new members in right now.)


9 Potent Picturesque Truths for Soulful Entrepreneurs.

Truth #1: When your True Self comes out of hiding, the 'business of being you' can come Alive!


Nature has a way of invoking our naturalness. To do the work you were born to do, you have to bring your truest self out of hiding. We began and ended our retreat experience in this creek. Wade into these waters with us--or at least stick a toe in to see how it feels. That fresh cold creek is enlivening--just like when you stretch beyond your comfort zone with a simple liberating act that frees you ever more to be yourself.

Truth #2:
You are already good enough to do the work you're meant to do right now.


Relaxing into each other's company around the fire the first night, we shared openly about the inevitable challenges of being an entrepreneur-- the moments of feeling 'not good enough', the fear of failure, the overwhelm, the judgments that might come our way if we dare to put our true self out there for all to see.

Can you relate? You can hop right into this picture and join us fireside. We'll accept you exactly as you are.

Truth #3: Root into your own intrinsic value to confidently offer your gifts to those you're meant to serve.


When you're creating the business of being you, you need to get to know your your roots--your essence that has been at your core since birth, your natural gifts, the major challenges you overcame, the shining moments that shed light on your genius, the education and training you soaked in to hone your skills. The roots unseen, much like this tree, are the foundation for what you can now reach out and offer others. The more you feel the value of your roots, the stronger you stand in your unique ability to offer your gifts.

Gather with us in the shade of the tree to share about your valuable roots that give you strength in this moment.

Truth #4 Your purposeful path naturally leads to the work you're designed to do.


During our retreat, we partnered up to witness each others personal stories and clarify the purposeful path that led each of us to create our unique business. By finding the deeper themes that run through our past experiences & transformation stories, we can clarify our purposeful work and who we're designed to serve. I'd love to walk alongside you on this trail and listen for your deeper story.

Truth #5 Design your business as a catalyst for the 'peak experiences' you and your clients will love.


My Essence loves the enlivening feeling of being on a cliff's edge looking out at the horizon, evoking a sense of expansive possibility and clear vision. So I designed my business with this in mind. Now I feel great joy when supporting others on a real or metaphorical cliff, envisioning the possibilities of their new chapter of soul-satisfying work...and then supporting them to turn those clear visions into reality.

As you look into the horizon, what Vision do you see for your next soul-satisfying chapter of work and life? If you care to explore it together, I'd love to connect with you through a free Visioning Session.

Truth #6 Accepting & LOVING all of who you are is an integral part of being a soulful entrepreneur.

When YOU are your business, self-care & personal healing becomes a business strategy. Self-love is what lets you feel comfortable and confident standing in the spotlight and authentically expressing, "Here I am and this is what I can offer you."

Imagine taking your turn on this rock, arms outstretched, declaring who you are and what you offer the world. Is there a part of you that is calling for more love in order for you to truly let yourself be seen and heard?

Truth #7: Create a business that nourishes you...and a tribe that feeds your soul.


There is something wonderful about coming together around the kitchen table to nourish each other. Although the Solo-preneur is indeed flying Solo in many ways within her business, it is so important to find the people who feel like kindred spirits along the way.

On our retreat, we not only cooked up some colorful healthy yumminess for each other, we also nourished each other with inspired business ideas and compassion for the more vulnerable side of being soulful entrepreneurs. I'd love to offer you some nourishment and ask you, what kind of community feeds your soul?

Truth #8: The journey, not the destination, is your life.


Oh how easy it is to focus on the destination--the grand vision of your satisfying business in all of its fully-realized purposeful glory. And how common it is to focus on the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, feeling the impatience, frustration, shame, or dissatisfaction in that gap. It's tempting to want to go into over-drive, push a little harder, and try to get there faster than you are meant to go.

That's why we stood here on this side of the bridge, imagining our business visions manifested on the other side. Then we called in our wisest Inner Guide to show us exactly how we want to naturally enjoy living each day of the entrepreneurial journey. With her leading the way, we walked, skipped, leaped, meditated, prayed, flew, danced, loved, and moved in our own unique ways across the bridge, letting our bodies feel exactly how we want to travel the journey of making our business dreams real.

How would you walk this bridge? I'd love to know how you want to experience the daily life of your entrepreneurial journey.

Truth #9: Remember to have FUN and ENJOY the business of being you!


Are we having Fun yet?! I'd say an enthusiastic YES...and throw my arms out wide:) When you're the Boss, make having Fun a rule. When you're the creator of your business, create a business that lets your hair down and makes your heart sing! This will naturally happen when you create the business that sets you free.

I close this epic account of my peak experience, with a whole lotta gratitude for those who choose to share their journey with me--specifically this inspiring group of soulful entrepreneurs I had the pleasure of retreating with this week.

And if you read all the way to here, I'd love to connect with you personally as our Love Liberate Launch program is now welcoming in new trailblazers. Let's enjoy an hour together, shining a light on what is possible for you as a soulful entrepreneur. Simply sign up for a free Visioning Session and call in your Clarity--illuminating the business that sets you free to be who you really are. I would love to discover how I could best support you in pioneering your next chapter.

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