Poetic Celebration of All of Creation.

Mar 14, 2021
Jessica Chilton - SPARK
Poetic Celebration of All of Creation.

After a year of this global pandemic, we each have changed. There's a lot I could say about letting go of aspects of my identity, moving through the caterpillar soup phase (you know, when the caterpillar dissolves into goo in the cocoon before its cells are reorganized into its next evolution), and awakening into today's rendition of the butterfly I am. And I imagine there is so much you could share too.

For now, I will simply share my most recent recording, infused with an ocean of love, which catches you up on the state of being I find myself in these days. 

I just celebrated my 45th birthday, which for the first time felt more like a celebration of ALL of creation. If you'd like to join in this blissful state of union with all that is, feel free to listen. It is from this place of spiritual security that my upcoming creations and offerings will flow to you.

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