Expand Your Capacity to Love. Liberate. Launch. Lead

Jun 25, 2019

Expand Your Capacity to Love. Liberate. Launch. Lead.

Today I'm inspired to offer you the same process I guided 250 women entrepreneurs through during my keynote at Western Women Business Conference. I encourage you to take out a blank piece of paper and focus in on expanding your capacity to attract, connect with, serve, and grow the community of people you are designed to lead through your business and work.

Step 1. Love.

What would it be like to create a love-fueled business rather than an ego-driven burnout business? It's time to tend to the #1 thing preventing your soul-satisfying business success--that part of you that you aren't yet loving.

While listening to this keynote clip write one action you will take to love your whole self first in order to give your best to others.


Step 2. Liberate.
What interFEARS with you creating and growing the business you were born to lead? How could your personal liberation benefit those you’re uniquely designed to serve?

While listening to this keynote clip, write the action you will take to move beyond the fear that is stopping you from offering your gifts to those that want them most.


Step 3. Launch
Is your current business launch aimed in the direction your heart is calling you to go? Misguided launching can lead to dissatisfaction, ego-driven hustle, and burnout. But inner-guided launching can lead to the soul-satisfaction of creating the business you were born to lead.

While listening to this keynote clip, write about the launch of your new business, product, or service that would be most aligned with your deeper purpose. 


Step 4. Lead
Are you living the deeper mission and values of your business? Are you doing the inner work in order to be a liberated leader? Are you leading with love?

As you listen to this keynote clip, write down the action you're ready to take to step into your next level of embodied leadership.


Now that you activated your expanded capacity to Love, Liberate, Launch, and Lead ... click reply and let me know the main takeaway from this presentation that you know will make a meaningful difference in your work and life. 



One final important question before I go:

Are you ready to discover, create, and grow the business you were born to lead-- infusing personal transformation, creative expression and spiritual awakening into each step of the business creation process?

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