Shift from Lack to Abundance in your Business

Apr 07, 2018
Today's SPARK moves you from Lack to Abundance in your business & life, as you see beyond your fearful ego and connect in with the limitless Spirit you are.
As a soulful entrepreneur, it is so important to stay in an expansive abundant feeling with your business. Yet as a human  with a fearful ego living in our 'never enough--more is better' culture, it is all too easy to slip into a lack mindset. In this lack mindset you yearn for more because you fear that you do not have enough.
Notice right now, where are you wanting MORE in your business. Do you want more money,  more clients, more time, more energy, more freedom, more ease, more opportunities?  
In each area that you want more, notice if there are any underlying fears of 'not enough'. Are you carrying fear-based thoughts that there is not enough money, not enough clients, not enough time, not enough energy, not enough freedom, not enough ease, not enough opportunities? 
This scarcity mentality is constricting you and holding you back from experiencing abundance in your business and life. As long as you continue trying to grow your business from a fear around lack, you will experience more lack.  
Specifically, take a look at your need for more clients. If you come from that fearful place of 'not enough clients', and you are talking with a potential client, they will sense your lack and the accompanying neediness. That experience of neediness is conveyed energetically and they are subtly repelled without even knowing exactly why.  

So you might say, "Oh Great! What now? I really do NEED more clients. But yet, by needing them I am repelling them. So I'm officially screwed."  

It's actually not a hopeless scenario at all. The good news is that you do not need more clients or more money in order to feel abundant and shift your neediness energy. Rather, you can take a few minutes right now to tap into the ultimate Abundance that is always in and around you.  
Soulful entrepreneurs, listen to this meditation in those moments where you are ready to shift from Lack to Abundance, from Not Enough to More than Enough, from Needing More to Giving More.

Stay connected with your Abundant Spirit in all conversations with potential clients, when you create your marketing, and throughout all the activities of your workday. I highly recommend setting a meditation chime on your phone to ring every 15 minutes to remind you to take a breath and connect in with your Abundant Spirit. 

And remember, this is not a mind trick. This is the truth. On the deepest and highest level, you do not lack anything. You are whole and complete. You are unconditional infinite Love. You are connected with limitless power. You are one with all of creation. You are invulnerable and everlasting. You are Spirit. 

When you let your Abundant Spirit (rather than your small, fearful, egoic self) be the heart of your business, you have an expansive capacity to circulate your gifts in service to clients and in exchange for money. You can give generously from the overflow of energy that moves through you, without depleting yourself. And, when accompanied with the Clarity of what you're uniquely designed to offer to those you're meant to serve, you can naturally attract all forms of abundance into your business, because that is the energetic state in which you are working. 

Introducing Truth Talks...
I have been stepping into the next level of Speaking My Truth, no matter whom I'm with and where I am. After my 1st Facebook Live, I realized that Facebook offers a perfect arena for me to practice speaking my truth within a come one come all atmosphere.  

In the next 3 weeks, as I welcome new participants into " Love Liberate Launch" soulful business coaching program (Spring Registration Deadline is May 1st), I will be focused on giving from my Abundant Spirit through these Truth Talks. 

My intention is that these "Truth Talks" will help you to: 
  • Make the transition from full-time motherhood, or an outgrown career focus, or a healing journey you've been focused on, into your next chapter of soul-satisfying work.
  • Know if you have what it takes to lead your own business.
  • Clarify your deeper purpose that will underlie your soulful business.
  • Liberate yourself to create offerings that allow your truest essence, full unique expression, unbridled passion, and full array of gifts to be shared with your community.
  • Create a business that lets you make money doing what you love, make a positive difference for the people you're meant to serve, and follow your inner guidance every step of the way.
  • Transform your disempowering relationship with Money to create a healthy partnership between you, your purposeful business, and Money.
  • Move beyond the 'marketing is icky' feeling so you can move forward with creating your own business by connecting heart-to-heart and giving value to your ideal clients.
  • Work through inner stumbling blocks from self-doubt, inner freak-outs, self-sabotage, and reactionary throw-in-the-towel moments so that you don't give up on creating your dream business. 
If you don't want to miss these Truth Talks, 'like' my Jessica Chilton - SPARK FB page and, under the 'following' tab, check that you'd like to see posts in your newsfeed and receive notifications when I post. 

Also in the spirit of abundance, I am giving away a surprise Bonus Gift to people who join Love Liberate Launch this week, as well as donating $200, each time a new participant enrolls, to BeLoved-- a nonprofit organization in Asheville, NC, that seeks to end homelessness, poverty, prejudice, and injustice. Check out their innovative approach to tapping into the abundant spirit of our community. 
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