A Guiding Phrase for These Times

Aug 03, 2016

Today, I'd like to share my current guiding phrase ...

We Are In This Together

I am barefoot, connecting with the Earth. I am more aware of being on this planet together with everyone and everything. I am feeling more than ever like "We are in this together."

I feel interconnected with parts of the human experience, that I used to wall myself away from out of self-protection.

Rather than walking away from politics, or avoiding the more devastating news headlines, or separating myself from certain kinds of suffering...I am opening up, breathing it in, acknowledging my part, and feeling connected.

When I watch Donald Trump, I hear my inner voice saying, "We are in this together." When I hear a tragic story on the news, I hear "We are in this together." When I see a man who is asking for money on the street, I hear "We are in this together." When I witness someone acting in a way that would trigger my judgment, I hear, "We are in this together."

I feel connected with the fact we are all sharing this planet, all sharing this life, all contributing to our beautiful world of love and horror and liberation and war and evolution and destruction.

Wherever, whatever, and whoever you are separating yourself from...what would shift if you let a true voice rise up within you to say,
"We are in this together "?

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