A Simple Tip to Get Clear on Your Unique Contribution

Sep 28, 2016

Today, I invoke your Clarity.

Yesterday, I led a group coaching experience around Clarifying the unique contribution you're meant to make in the world. I have a tendency to get chills whenever a major insight or vision comes through that is truly right for the person I am supporting. Let me say I have never had so many chills in a 90 minute session!

So, from this inspired experience I want to share 1 incredibly simple thing you can do right now to invoke Clarity. Specifically, let's Clarify how you can bring more purpose and passion into your current work OR how you can receive a clear vision for the meaningful contribution you are meant to make next.

Clarifying Your Purposeful Work ... one heart beat at a time:

1. Tune into your heart.
Place your hand on your heart,
or imagine your breath going in and out of your heart
or close your eyes and imagine your heart lighting up in the brightest of ways.

2. Invite your Heart to speak through you (about any topic) as you write:
I am clear that...
I am clear that...
I am clear that...

3. Now ask your Heart to speak with Clarity about your meaningful work.
Let your Heart write through you specifically about how you could contribute your gifts in a way that would light you up and fill you with a satisfying sense of purpose. Use the same prompts, but this time relate them to your work:
I am clear that...
I am clear that...
I am clear that...

4. Be grateful for whatever Clarity your Heart shared.
Our mind always wants to jump in to show us where we are unclear and to worry and 'what if' our way into a tangled mucky mess. But our Heart always speaks with clarity, giving us exactly the dose of Clarity we are ready to receive.

Practice this each day and build your Clarity muscle with each pump of your Heart.

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