Adrian's Love Liberate Launch Story

Mar 18, 2018

When I started Love Liberate Launch I was re-emerging from full-time motherhood and ready for my next chapter of satisfying work outside the home to begin. Even though I was doubtful about starting a real business and nervous about “making the right choice,” I already trusted Jessica from my previous experiences with her coaching and I knew she could help me discover what I’m uniquely designed to do.

Right from the first day, Love Liberate Launch supported me through my plague of vagueness about who I am, what I bring, and what my life has prepared me to do for the world. I shifted from feeling judgmental about myself and my past to loving ALL of who I am and what I have experienced. I shifted from thinking, “Wait, do I really have gifts?” to “Oh yes I do, and I can clearly, specifically outline them! And they absolutely point me to the focus of my unique business!” I am so happy to say, my business is now really crafted around me and what my life has uniquely prepared me to offer the people I’m designed to serve.

Love Liberate Launch steadfastly supported me, and all of us, through so many little stumbling blocks that are inevitable on the entrepreneurial journey--doubts, resistance, contractions, stuckness, inner freak outs, inner-critic, perfectionistic tendencies, self sabotage, reactionary urges to throw in the towel, not following through with commitments, and overwhelm from aiming for too many things at once. By using Jessica’s SPARK Process for getting through each challenge, I moved through all these sticky places and then some!

And oh, let me not forget the sticky sludge around money. When I began the journey I felt so much stuckness and ickiness around money—like money was a Monster and I its victim. It is amazing that I truly feel so loving with money now. With this new empowered relationship between me, my purposeful business, and money, I feel fresh energy, desire and vision for what is possible.

By engaging fully in each step of the program, I have created a Transformational Organizing and Re-Design business that is TRULY ME and not some fabricated copy or someone else’s shoes or “what I think people want”. My truest essence is now fully expressed through my actual real life viable business. I am solidly rooted in the deeper purpose of my business, which is to uplift the power, status, and health of women worldwide. And I feel confident and clear about my unique offerings and the ideal clients who value them most. My inner guidance is now leading the way, ensuring my decisions are grounded, nourishing, and inspired. All this leaves me feeling GIDDY each morning about what I “get to” work on that day.

Check out the website I’ve created at which reflects the tangible culmination of the Love Liberate Launch journey. I’ve created packages & services that my ideal clients are loving, plus all the behind the scenes systems for attracting, enrolling, and serving them. Can you believe that a year ago I was asking what my gifts are and whether I could really turn them into a business?

From here, I know how to grow my business. I no longer think of marketing as icky, rather it is my way of connecting heart-to-heart with my ideal clients. I am giving consistent value to my business community through the “Transformational Tidbits” I send out with video tips on creating the spaces that support you to thrive. Instead of hiding and not telling people about what I offer, I am stepping into greater visibility each day—letting people know what I can offer them, reaching out to referral partners, posting on social media, and enrolling ideal clients in my services. And best of all, I’m having fun with it!

I give thanks for the incredible support our Love Liberate Launch group has given each other--encouragement, feedback, brainstorming, hearing each other, allowing tears, welcoming fears, and celebrating progress. 

I am so grateful for how Jessica created the space for us to find our way and transform, while being such an authentic aligned powerful leader. I give thanks for Jessica’s incredible questions and the way she slices with a sword of truth so beautifully to what is most important, to the core of what needs attention, to what is powerfully potent, to what is at the root, to what is at the heart, with such fierce love. She is like a grounded laser beam of stuckness-blasting. It is clear that Jessica is powerfully aligned with God~Spirit. Because of this, she clearly reflects back what we most need to see.

If you are considering Love Liberate Launch, I encourage you to Do it! If you hear that whisper from your heart saying yes to this journey ~ this powerful incubator of soul satisfying work ~ no matter if it’s drowned out by the doubts and fears, follow that yes!!

~Adrian Jonas, Transformational Organizing & Redesign,

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