Amidst Tragedy, SHOW UP

Oct 04, 2017

Today's SPARK sounds the call:
Amidst tragedy, SHOW UP.

I keep breathing in our world--even its most tragic expressions. This is our planet. This is our human reality. I feel the pain and grief and shock and rage. I accept that it is what it is.

One of my clients said, "How can I show up and talk about what I have to offer through my business, in the midst of tragedy?" I have had this thought so many times. And each time I come to: How can I not?

I am no longer disconnecting from the destructive side of our humanity. Rather I am breathing it in. I am breathing it into my heart and then exhaling the goodness I have to offer.

When others Show Up to harm. We Show Up to help. Each in our own way.

When it comes to our purpose-driven work, we often stop ourselves from fully showing up--especially when a huge negative event dominates our headspace. We get caught in our mind's swirl of limiting questions:

What's the appropriate way to show up?
How might someone judge me negatively if I show up?
Am I good enough to show up?
Is this the right way to show up?

Instead, let's give ourselves full permission to SHOW UP as we are and offer our goodness, knowing that each one of us has a unique way of doing this.

Rather than letting the tragic event send us into hiding or paralysis, let tragedy bring out our basic goodness:

Be you because you are you.

Offer your gifts because you have them to offer.

Do your purposeful work because that's what you were born to do.

Let this wake up call amplify the preciousness of this life, urging you to say a bigger and bigger YES to your greater calling to SHOW UP.

P.S. And if you feel ready to Show Up, be who you really are, and do what you're meant to do, I'd love to support you in unleashing your goodness into this world.

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Let's tune into your Greater Calling and give you the support you need to fully Show Up in this next chapter of your soul-satisfying work.

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