An Invitation from the Queen

Mar 15, 2018

Today's SPARK brings you an invitation from the Queen.

But before we hear from her Majesty, let's start with a majestic clue about why you haven't heard from me in a bit...

Yes, my inner Swiss Miss had her heyday for 2 weeks in the alps. I am so grateful that my Mom is Swiss and my roots lead to hers. Switzerland takes me to high places and leaves me breathless.

Here I stand on Plane Morte ~ the plain of death. It sure does make death look glorious. I loved imagining death in the liberating graceful slipping, sliding and swooshing of soaring ski-fully and glee-fully down the gentle slopes of this glacier.

I landed back in sweet Asheville just in time to celebrate my 42nd birthday. And the next thing I knew, I became a Queen.

Yes, those who know me well are aware of my intentional way of celebrating Birthdays. As I headed into this one, I simply asked God to guide me through the day. So when I heard that true inner voice say, "It's time now to become a Queen," I said, Well Yes it is! And then I followed my inner guidance each step of the way through a ritual of transformation from Princess into Queen.

I have a good feeling you will be hearing a lot from the Queen as she is here to stay. For now, I'll assure you... I do not pretend to be the Queen of England and I do not lead with pomp and circumstance. Rather, I am now fully on the path of the Divine Queen (more of a crown chakra kind of Queen than a ruby-studded, solid gold, give-me-a-neck-cramp crown wearing Queen)-- connected with my higher power, embodying unconditional love, owning who I really am, wielding a sword of truth that clears the way, and letting God work through me as I serve my amazing clients and community.

Your Invitation from the Queen:
Spring Enrollment for Love Liberate Launch begins today!

My most satisfying peak experience as of late, even more inspiring than the alps, was last week's graduation of a special group of Love Liberate Launch participants. These women have experienced tremendous business creation and inner transformation over the past 12 months in the program. And it feels like such an honor to have witnessed it all.

I will be sharing their inspiring stories in the coming weeks. But for today, as this marks the official announcement of the opening of Spring Enrollment for Love Liberate Launch, here are the words they wanted me to share with you.

When I asked these graduates what they would want to share about their Love Liberate Launch experience as I call in new participants, here is a sampling of what they said...


 "Jessica freed me to dream bigger," says Molly Rouse of her newly-created and launched business, Nurtured Mamas. "Creating a new business and knowing where to start can feel completely overwhelming, but Love Liberate Launch guided me and broke it down into bite-size pieces. I've learned to take the best of what I uniquely have to offer and create packages and services for new mothers. Jessica has a beautiful way of pulling her clients out of confusion and getting them to a place of clarity."



"I was stretched to afford the coaching program initially, but as Jessica supported me to hone in on my uniqueness, I quickly became busy with ideal clients," says Ruth Pike-Elliot of Asheville Holistic Physical Therapy. "In creating one class series with the support of Love Liberate Launch, that lights me up to teach, I paid for the entire year of the program. Learning to fearlessly offer my unique gifts allowed me to launch a business that made my 5-year dream a reality over the course of only 12 months. This program accelerated my growth drastically and was worth every dollar and minute I invested into it."



"My business is taking off in huge ways after going through Love Liberate Launch," says Robin Funsten of Community Conflict Solutions"I am so happy that I was brave enough to invest in myself. I've worked through confidence and self-worth issues that kept my prices low. Now clients hire me for thousands and thousands of dollars and I know I'm worth it. I am doing the work I love to do for people, making the money that supports me, changing the world for the better, and following my inner guidance every step of the way."

Free Retreat for Early Birds who register by March 27th!

Early Bird Registration for Love Liberate Launch Spring 2018 is open through March 27th. Instead of getting worms, Early Birds will get a Live Retreat in Hot Springs NC this May!

Yes, for anyone who values being IN PERSON together as part of an online program, I created this gift for you. You are whole-heartedly invited to our Retreat this May in Hot Springs NC (for free!) when you join Love Liberate Launch by March 27th. (The Queen will be there in full effect--while also frolicking barefoot and dipping toes in the creek.)

So I ask you..

Are you ready to discover, create, and launch the business you were born to lead--the one that sets you free?

Are you ready to move beyond fear and step into the soul-satisfying work that you're uniquely designed to do?

Could a 12-month soulful business coaching program--blending business building with spiritual growth, personal transformation, and creative expression--be the right kind of unique support for you?

If you sense a Yes, check out

I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session to discuss where you are now, where you want to be a year from now, and how this program could support you from here to there.

Imagine this as an hour with the Queen-- who will be there full of love, wielding that sword of truth to clear the way for your vision, and tapping into guidance on your behalf.

P.S. Remember to schedule your Visioning Session before March 27 if you want to receive a free ticket to our Love Liberate Launch Spring Retreat in Hot Springs NC happening this May.

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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