Are You Repressing Your Greatest Work?

Jun 29, 2017

Today's SPARK asks you to honestly answer this question:
Are you repressing your greatest work?

Before you answer this question let's take a look at the word 'repress'...

So when we're talking about repressing your 'greatest work,' we're concerned that you are holding back the unique contribution you're meant to make in the world. We're wondering if you're suppressing the work that satisfies your soul. We're questioning if you're bottling up the work you were born to do. We're checking to see if you're stifling the full expression of your true self. We're asking whether you're defeating any chance of others receiving your most valuable gifts.

You might already have a clear answer to this question. But in case you're still not sure. Here's a litmus test.

If your answer is "Yes, I am repressing my greatest work," here are some symptoms that you might be feeling:


If your answer is "No, I am not repressing my greatest work, I'm expressing it!" here are some symptoms you are likely feeling:

I love helping people shift from Repressing to Expressing their greatest work. If you're ready to re-orient your life and work to this new soul-satisfying reality, I offer you a free Visioning Session. Let's envision what's possible in your next chapter and how I could support you in making your unique contribution in this precious lifetime.

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