Awakening Beyond Hustling, Proving, Pushing

Feb 17, 2020

Today, I offer you my support in awakening beyond the old paradigm of doing business.

It's so interesting to wake up and discover that all the old motivations no longer do it for you. You've grown beyond all the old ego ways of controlling and manipulating, to try to get something or somewhere or someone. And you no longer thrive off of external validation or fit into the nice-girl people pleasing box that guaranteed approval. Ambitions fall away. You're no longer in overdrive. There's zero interest in hustling, pushing, proving. That's where I am now. How about you?

Although this is an enlivening spirited way to live, you can feel a bit disoriented, lost, and alone in this new way of life and business. You're still surrounded by a culture that is steeped in fear and run by ego. Yet, you feel different. And in terms of growing a business, you are now in the void of how to grow in a way that actually matches who you've become. I'm here in the void with you.

When you are in this place, it is important to call in those who can meet you where you are. Form a tribe around you that knows both the liberation and lone wolf feeling of being out of the mainstream norm. You are pioneering, expanding the collective consciousness of humanity, shifting culture from fear to love. But you are up ahead in uncharted territory while most of your old friends and family are behind--perhaps even urging you to come back to the well-trodden safe path. I am with you here too, feeling the external pull to turn back and the internal call to take the next step forward.

So call in the other pioneers. Call in those riding the front edge of the wave. Call in those waking up to who they really are. Call in those ready to lead with love. Call in those embodying the higher vibration you now feel pulsing through your being. Call in those wise ones who speak their truth too. Call in the fully expressed souls who risk public disapproval. Call in those that are all in with the journey of embodying Divinity. Call in those that are inner guided as they take aligned unconventional action each day. Call in those who will lift you up rather than tear you down as we all rise together.

This is exactly why I'm calling in awakening entrepreneurs to Joy of Launching who are ready to expand their business in only the ways aligned with their heart. We are no longer interested in business as usual. We are only interested in being and doing that which we're inner-guided to do. And for that we need to create our own intuitive Map, forge our own unique path, and launch our next offerings only in the way that works for our soul.

Since I no longer am into hustling and pushing to enroll clients, what does inspire me in calling in new Joy of Launching participants? Well folks, it's Love.

Yes, I want to profess that all I want to do these days is LOVE my clients as fully, expansively, whole-heartedly as possible. When I Love my clients, see my clients as the Love they are, support my clients to let Love lead their launch, cultivate a high-vibe loving group space for my clients to connect with each other...  amazing things happen. Yes, the secret to experiencing the Joy of Launching (rather than the dread, struggle, burnout, and fear of launching) is LOVE.

Joy of Launching offers you a 1-month support immersion to become your next level as you launch in the way that works for your Soul. Instead of dread, struggle, and fear, let your marketing launch awaken your next level of joy, love, freedom, and abundance. This is the Joy of Launching way. A traditional approach to your marketing launch will burn you out at exactly the time you're ready to bring your light. It's time to master the art of the soulful business launch. 

If you are an awakening entrepreneur launching something amazing in the next 6 months, and only want to do it in alignment with your heart + soul, I invite you into Joy of LaunchingMy intention, as you experience this new paradigm approach to business and marketing, is that we will lead with Love and all rise together.

Sending Big Love with a SPARK!

P.S. Lindley Myers, awakening entrepreneur, graduate of Joy of Launching, Child Welfare Consultant, and Vice President of Blue Spiral Consulting, wants to share her experience to call in others ready for a new paradigm of business and life.

"The Joy of Launching approach to a business launch is a paradigm shift for how to approach all of life.

The Joy of Launching process taught me how to access my inner guide in an intentional, replicable way--this has been absolutely life-changing. That piece of the process alone has been worth the time and money I invested in the program.

Every aspect of my life and communication has benefited from my connection with inner guidance. Only taking action when embodying Divine Source, my inner guidance, means that I am energized, clear, authentic and in integrity in whatever decisions or communications I undertake.

The Joy of Launching process helped me clarify the heart of my next launch. I know this launch will be inspired in a way no launch has been in the past because I am deeply connected to the soul purpose of the project. I’m clear now that this next launch is a rite of passage into becoming the Truth Warrior I’m meant to be in the Child Welfare world. Simply knowing who I’m becoming through this launch has lifted my spirit, mind, and energy to a new level of awareness and connection.

Once I connected to my inner guidance and got clear about the purpose of my launch, it was easy (and so FUN!) to create my Inner Guided Launch Map. Following my map, the synergy I am experiencing is soul-enriching and affirming!

The Joy of Launching process is a beautiful, thorough, fun and transformative distillation of the process of awakening. I LOVE IT! I will return to my Inner Guided Launch Map throughout each day of my launch and revisit the Joy of Launching process over and over again to continue growing in business and life.

I admire the way Jessica is fully present with whatever is happening in the individual, group or virtual coaching sessions. Her experience is evident in the way she is able to get right to the core of what is happening for someone in any given moment.

In addition to Jessica’s excellent coaching, the structure that she’s created for Joy of Launching supports both individual learning and the learning of the group. Each of the wonderful entrepreneurs in Joy of Launching cohort has contributed to my learning as they move through and beyond obstacles and experience their own areas of growth. I have learned so much by watching Jessica support each of us through those challenges. Now I feel like I have new tools at my disposal for the times when challenges inevitably pop up.

I have had many different coaching experiences with both personal and business coaches, I can say without a doubt that after the Joy of Launching experience I am the clearest, most enthusiastic and innovative in planning and launching a project that I have ever been.

Each part of the Joy of Launching program was beneficial to me. And I strongly suggest that everyone participate in private coaching, along with the group experience. You do not want to miss out on this!"

~Lindley Myers
Blue Spiral Consulting

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