Because I Am White, It Is My Business to Speak Up

Aug 16, 2017

Today's SPARK emerges from the darkness of the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville.

I have been letting my heart feel and my mind reel in the tragic reality that unfolded this weekend as white supremacists spewed hatred and incited violence that led to death and injury of human beings.

As a white woman I have a responsibility to act rather than be passive, to speak up rather than stay silent. I've been talking through the emotions with friends, reading more about systemic societal isms interwoven into this event and our nation, opening my eyes to the prevalence of hate groups in our country, and researching ways that I can grow into a more effective ally and activist for equality.


How are you in these complex volatile times? What has this Charlottesville event stirred in you? How are you called to act?

As Entrepreneurs, we are automatically Leaders. We are leading our business each and every day as we make all the decisions that shape how our business grows. We are leading the community that gathers together around our business as our words, actions, and offerings ripple through their lives.

In this moment, how are you choosing to lead?

When you are in the Business of Being You, your personal and professional self is authentically united. Every choice we make with our business reflects who we are as a Human. Our values become our guiding light for the actions we take on our entrepreneurial journey.

How will your values guide your actions right now?

As I sit with all that has been stirred in me in these few days, I am clear on the actions that are right for me and the direction in which I want to lead my business. I want to share my commitments aloud here as you are the community that inspires my leadership.

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, I commit to these actions:

1. As a white person, I commit to continuing my growth around issues of racism, white privilege, and becoming an ally and activist for equality.

Who would like to join me in this online 1 month seminar on "Hard Conversations--an Introduction to Racism" beginning September 6th? I just registered today at

It is a four-week course on understanding racism and translating our silence into language and action. It's co-facilitated by Patti Digh and Victor Lee Lewis, authors, social justice educators, and activists.

2. As a soulful entrepreneur, I commit to growing my business in alignment with my values.

Since love and liberation are two of my core values, I want my business to be a catalyst for love and liberation, that ripples out beyond the SPARK community. With this intention, I will contribute a portion of my income to non-profits that work to bring love and liberation to oppressed groups within our country and world. 

For the coming month, in direct response to the Charlottesville event, SPARK donations will now go to organizations that work to dismantle white supremacy & racism while promoting equality, diversity, and respect. I will donate $150 for each new participant who enrolls in Love Liberate Launch to one of the following organizations:

  • Building Bridges is on a mission to dismantle racism by fostering relationships that respect diversity, seek understanding and encourage action. They provide educational programming paired with a safe place to learn, reflect and discuss. I took a 9-month class there many years ago that focused on decreasing black-and-white racism in Asheville.
  • The Southern Poverty Law Center is dedicated to fighting hate and bigotry and to seeking justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. Using litigation, education, and other forms of advocacy, the SPLC works toward the day when the ideals of equal justice and equal opportunity will be a reality. I am appreciating their resources, such as "10 Ways to Fight Hate--A Community Response Guide" as I take my own next steps in response to our current events.

3. As a sensitive being, I commit to staying engaged in the harsher realities of our world, while nourishing my soul along the way.

For me this means taking in inspiration alongside darkness. It means anchoring in my heart, my Essence, my Spirit, while I engage with the shadow side of our humanity. It means connecting with creative souls who inspire positive change through their creative expressions.

So I leave you with Michael Franti's "Love Will Find a Way" music video that reminds us: "Nobody's born hating another person." As Michael says, "Diversity needs you. Equality needs you. Justice needs you. LOVE NEEDS YOU."

If you feel this is your moment to step into your leadership potential, making your positive contribution during this potent time, let's talk.

If you realize that investing in support is the first step to growing a business in alignment with your values, I'd love to connect with you. Our Love Liberate Launch program is now welcoming rising entrepreneurs who are ready to do what they were born to do. So, let's enjoy an hour together, shining a light on your potential. Simply sign up f or a free Visioning Session and call in your Clarity--illuminating the business that sets you free to be who you really are. I would love to discover how I could best support you in pioneering your next chapter and making the difference that only you can make.

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