Becoming the Queen of Your Love-Fueled Business

Sep 25, 2018
Today's Spark asks you if you're ready to become the Queen of your love-fueled business. 
On October 1st our Love Liberate Launch journey begins, as we build the business you were born to lead, on a path infused with personal transformation, spiritual connection, and creative expression. We currently have space for 3 rising entrepreneurs--women ready to become Queens-- who will receive my highest quality support throughout the coming year. So I wonder, are you one of these Queens?
Everywhere I look I see signs. The Queen is on the rise.
It is our inner Queen that is able to wield our true power, to lead with Love, to feel empowered in our interdependence, to create our dreams in reality, to embody the divine, to cut through resistance, muck, and indecision with her sword of truth.
It is time for us to let go of our princessy ways--of hiding away behind walls, of depending on others, of wishy washy indecision, of focusing on the pretty facade, of dramatizing the helpless victim, of forgetting our true power.
It is time to come out of hiding and into the light and let your whole self be seen. It's time to lead in the way that you were uniquely designed to lead so your greatest contribution can find its rightful place in the world.

I am not scared of your dark places, the walls you find yourself up against, or the power of your light. 
I would love to walk alongside you for the next year of life, 2 rising Queens, wielding our true power for the highest good as we create the business you were born to lead.  

This is your very last invitation to Love Liberate Launch with us. The journey begins Oct 1st. 

If you're ready for an aligned path of biz creation that transforms your relationship with money and shapes your next chapter of soul-satisfying success, join us in Love Liberate Launch --our year-long soulful business coaching program that begins Oct 1st.   If you would love to receive personalized weekly support throughout the next year as you create the business you were born to lead, make sure you schedule your complimentary Visioning Session right now . (Only a few sessions remain before the registration deadline.) During this session, we'll talk through your challenges, desires, and visions for the coming year as well as how the Love Liberate Launch journey can offer the support that would nourish you most. 
P.S.  If you want to know me better before jumping into a Visioning Session, listen to this emotionally intimate interview. By the end, you'll know if we're meant to talk further. 
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