Being Present to What the Moment Brings

Dec 14, 2016

We each have our traditions at this time of year. Mine include hanging spray-painted Belgian Kegs on the tree in our front yard. :) What is one of your unique traditions? I'd love to hear!

Right now I'm noticing the pull between my work--including the completion of my new website launching January 1st(!)--and all the holiday preparations that are calling me.

This is the season of light, miracles, and magic. The time of bringing more peace, love, and acceptance into the world. What an opportunity to usher in exactly what the world is needing -- now more than ever.

It is also often the season of hectic schedules, frantic shopping, family dysfunction, and high expectations. It's funny--in a sad sort of way-- how easily we can block the opportunity of the season with all of this.

So I'm here to call us back to the basics. Back to being present. Present to whatever any moment brings--whether it's joyful or disappointing, blissful or uncomfortable.

Breathe in that long line. Breathe out that awkward interaction. Breathe in that lonliness. Breathe out that long to do list.

Let's remember that the true gift is your presence. Presence that naturally radiates light, witnesses miracles, and sparkles with magic. Presence that naturally brings more peace, love and acceptance into the world.

P.S. And in case anyone has a direct connection to Santa, please give him Oskar's letter. The magic is fully ALIVE in the presence of my 3 year-old!

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