Birthing Your Soul-Satisfying Work

Mar 22, 2017

Today's SPARK asks you to let go ... to birth your next chapter -- the one that satisfies your soul.

I remember, 4 years ago to be exact, the intense sensation right before pushing Oskar out into the world. I literally felt there was a bowling ball of dynamite that was about to blow through my pelvis. I remember the moment when I thought...I have to be willing to be blown apart to birth this baby.

I had to be willing to let go of every bit of control, let go of every ounce of resistance, let go of all mind led cautiousness-comfort-safety-protection, and completely surrender to what was meant to happen. Even when it terrified me. Only once I said Yes to all of this surrendering, was I able to birth this new life.

This birthing experience was my most extreme time of surrender. But there have been many other pivotal moments of letting go that had to come in order for each new chapter in my life to begin.

In the realm of work, my most extreme letting go came the day I no longer wanted to tell my chronic illness story. At this time my entire business was focused on working with chronic illness and my marketing & presentations relied on my retelling of my chronic illness healing story again and again. When I realized that I no longer wanted to live and work within this story, because I no longer wanted illness to define me, I knew a big chapter was coming to an end. Right away.

Dramatic as it may be, that very day I deleted all my chronic illness webpages, ebook, products, programs. It felt like using a sword to powerfully cut away all that bound me to my illness story--a sword that liberated me in one fell swoop.

It was a massive feeling of letting go.  My ego had to let go of all the hard work, time, money, and expertise associated with my work in the chronic illness realm. My mind had to let go of all its clinging to this safe, practical, strategic, logical niche.

My spirit had taken the lead. It did not want to be constricted any longer. My heart was calling me in a new direction. Although the future evolution of my business was entirely unknown, it was completely clear that the first step was letting go to make space for the new to emerge. And it was this surrender that carried me into the journey of creating and birthing my next chapter of soul-satisfying work--the one I am living in now.

And so I tell these stories today to encourage you through any letting go that might be needed in your current life and work.

Letting go...into your New Chapter:
Take a few minutes to journal in response to these 5 potent questions.

1. Where is your need to control, resist, be cautious, stay comfortable, and remain protected, holding you back from what you are really wanting to birth? 

2. What old story or identity is constricting you from doing the work that satisfies your soul? 

3. If you had a liberating sword in your hand, what would you cut away to make space for the new to emerge?

4. If your ego and mind let go, what new chapter might your Spirit lead you into? 

5. If you surrendered, how might your life and work be able to flow in the direction your heart is calling you to go?

If you are on the brink of a new chapter, and you know you want it to lead you into your soul-satisfying work, I would love to support you in this powerful time of transition. 

I offer you a free Visioning Session to envision how to navigate the challenges of this time while clarifying what it is you are ready to birth. Together we'll explore the Vision of your next soul-satisfying chapter and how I could support you to step into the purposeful work that you were born to do.  

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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