Breathe in Life. Breathe out What You Have to Give.

Sep 14, 2017

Today's SPARK roots us ever deeper into what we have to give the world, as we breathe our way through the harsher realities, hurricanes and all.

There has been a lot of dramatic devastation in the past weeks. Hurricane Irma hit closest to home for me. I was glued to the live feed of her destructive path, wanting to tune in rather than tune out. I am continuing to practice fully accepting what is--connecting with both darkness and light, destruction and creation, death and life.

Rather than turning away, detaching, and numbing out, I kept reminding myself of the Buddhist Tonglen practice, Breathe it in.

Breathe in sadness, breathe out compassion for all who are sad.

Breathe in fear, breathe out compassion for all who fear.

Breathe in helplessness, breathe out compassion for all who feel helpless.

Breathe in loss, breathe out compassion for all experiencing loss.

As I was tucking my boy in that night, we talked about the sadness we were feeling about Hurricane Irma. I shared how I breathe in sadness and then breathe out something good. We talked about lots of things we could breathe out that could be good. We could breathe out Love. He liked that idea. As we kept coming up with ideas, we found our way to: We could breathe out an offering of help.

That's when he said:


From breathing in the sadness we felt for the people most affected by Irma, he found his own way to wanting to give. The next day he sat on my lap as we looked at our choices of organizations that could help us give our money. And even after we donated online (we chose, he still wanted to send all of his coins in an envelope to the headquarters. So we did.

This all stuck with me today on my walk in the cemetery near my house, that serves as my daily 'life is precious' place of inspiration. I was there to receive clarity on what to write in Today's Spark. I immediately saw this huge tree limb that fell down in the high winds, a ripple effect from far-away Irma.

I stood in this spot and received the message that I'm writing to you now. . . "Life is precious. Breathe it ALL in. And breathe out what you have to Give."


Of course, giving has infinite forms. You can definitely give Money or another form of support directly to a particular cause or relief effort. But in this moment, let's shift our focus to the Big Purposeful Giving that only you can do--the contribution that you are uniquely designed to make. When you start to think of your soul-satisfying work as your way of giving, then breathing in any harsh reality humanity is facing can exhale you forward.

So I ask you: How will you breathe in the current reality of our world and breathe out your purposeful work that uniquely contributes to its betterment?

On the entrepreneurial path, you have complete freedom to shape your unique contribution. You have complete freedom to create a business that lets you offer your gifts fully as you make the most of this precious life. If you are ready for this next chapter of soul-satisfying work, I offer you a free Visioning Session. I'd love to tap into powerful Clarity about your unique way of Giving in our world and see how I could support you along the way.

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