Choose Life as a Pathway to Freedom

Jun 02, 2014

Why do I care about you and me liberating ourselves from whatever holds us back? Why do I care that we both make the most of our precious life? Why do I care that we shine as boldly and bravely as we can into this world?

Well, this week I became clearer than ever about why I care so much…so it’s time to share the story.

This is my favorite photo of my oldest sister, Jennifer. I idolized her through childhood. I was drawn to her free spirit. I wore her clothes, listened in on her phone calls, tried to imitate her, saw all she did through rosey-colored glasses.

19 years ago, when she was twenty and I was seventeen, she took her life. There was a dark time where I struggled with the thought that ‘if my idol killed herself, someday I would too’… 

I have healed through grief, trauma, depression, pain, illness…and come into my own as a woman who is centered in my power and passion for life. Now I am firmly rooted in my light–my unique essence, my own inner strength.  

I understand now that Jennifer saw death as her only option for liberation. And she is indeed liberated.  

I share her desire for liberation. However, I am grateful that I see infinite possibilities to experience this freedom to be who I truly am…through life. 

I choose Life. Life lived fully. Life as a playground to experience liberation as I dare to be bravely myself. Life as an opportunity to embody my true potential and shine as bright as I am meant to shine. 

Today, I have a new sense of connection with Jennifer. She is less of an idol and more of … a Liberation Spirit Guide, helping in any way she can. She is with me, supporting and encouraging my on-going liberation. She is the proud big sister, seeing her little sister all grown up. 

She loves seeing me courageously choose Life as a pathway to freedom. And she is thrilled to support me in helping others to do the same.  

I am so thankful to feel Jennifer, in all her free spirit glory, flying with me each step of the way.

She is even here right now with me, as I encourage you.

So we ask you…
What do you need to let go of, to forgive, to accept, to heal, to transform, to love…in order to experience your next level of liberation? 
How can you make the most of your precious life and let your full potential–inside of you right now–shine through?
I love that by doing this–by choosing life as our pathway to freedom–we both get to be in this community, summoning the courage to be ALL that we are.
And together, we shine brightly into a world that needs our light.
So here I am. Ready to support and guide you in your courageous quest to make the most of your precious life, enjoying the liberation of being bravely yourself.

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