Complete It Now

Dec 14, 2017

Today's SPARK asks this one powerful question: 

We are less than 3 weeks away from a brand spankin' new year. As might be expected, I absolutely love January 1st -- the potent day of activation and intention that it is. That's why I am offering a "January 1st Special" on all my coaching programs for those who want to receive my support beginning this super-charged first day of the New Year. Simply sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session this week and we'll talk through all the details.

I also love the December weeks leading up to the New Year. Of course, everything is aglow, generosity & love are on the rise, and peace twinkles into the darkest of places throughout the Holidays. But these December days are also all about completion, cleansing, and clearing the way.

I invite you to join me in taking a look at your work & personal life. You likely are sensing the possibilities on your 2018 horizon. You're starting to tune into your desires for the coming year. Perhaps you're noticing a theme, word of the year, or intention bubbling to the surface.

Well, before we are able to welcome in all that goodness, there are certain things that need completing. And these days of December offer an opportune time for completion.

~ Perhaps there is a project that is 'Sooooo 2017'. It would drag the whole new year down to carry it into January. It simply needs to be completed in order to welcome in the freshness of a New Year.

~ Maybe there's an unfinished conversation or relationship conflict that needs to be completed or resolved before stepping into your next year.

~ Or there might be habits that are draining or unhealthy that are ready for complete release as you step into your next level of healthy positive growth next year.

~ Sometimes it's an internal state--like something in need of forgiveness-- that craves loving completion in order to open yourself up to the potential of the new year.

~ Or maybe it's a ritual that wants to happen to bring some old story to completion so you can begin your new liberating chapter.

~ On the practical level, it could also be a physical space--like your work desk--that needs a completed clean up, so that you can feel the empty space in which you can create anew.

Today is your day to commit to Completion. Write it down, schedule the time needed, commit to it 100%. What will you Complete in order to enter 2018 as a new beginning?

And while you're preparing for a powerful New Beginning, would you like to know more about my 'January 1st Special'?

I am following my Desire in calling in the courageous individuals who want 2018 to be a profoundly transformative year--and who are ready to be fully supported in their next chapter of soul-satisfying work ... beginning on the potent day of January 1st.

I am offering a special discount on all my programs to anyone who enrolls by Dec 20th and begins our journey together on my favorite day--the first day of a fresh new year.

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