Discover Your Genius and Offer It to the World

Mar 15, 2017

Today's SPARK asks you to Bring It!

Bring what, you say?

Bring your greatest gifts, bring the best of what you can offer others, bring your unique Genius!

Now this sounds like a great idea, right? But I have a feeling that your work looks a lot more like doing anything and everything that you're pretty good at doing. And probably feeling a bit lackluster about it in the process.

We often water down our full power, nice over our bold truth, chameleon out our eccentric uniqueness, cover up our liberated shine, and suppress our Genius from ever making its contribution.

I hereby proclaim, it is time to discover your Genius and offer it to the world.

I just led my Love Liberate Launch participants through this experience, as they design the business they were born to lead. When you are an entrepreneur who is essentially selling YOU--your talents, your services--it is essential that you build your business as an expression of your Genius. Even when you're not an entrepreneur, you are at risk for major dissatisfaction & soul stagnancy if you are not owning and offering your Genius through your work.

So let's take this moment to tap into your Genius and open to a new chapter of offering your Genius to others through your soul-satisfying work.

Working with Your Genius

Imagine or notice that you have experienced energizing moments of Genius throughout your Life. See the exceptional nature of You in these Genius moments. You are not watering down, nice-ing over, chameleon-ing out, hiding under a bushel, suppressing your uniqueness. You are not settling for doing things that you are average or good at doing. Instead you are in your Genius. These are your Bring It! Moments.

1. Sketch a picture of yourself in your Genius.

2. Then journal in response to this key question: When you fully 'Bring It', what is it that you Bring?

3. If you were to focus your work on sharing your Genius with others, what would that entail?

4. How can you shape your work day to allow yourself to fully Bring It?

It is time to give yourself permission to fully bring your greatest contribution into the world. If you are not already doing this, I'd love to support you in envisioning how you could.

Right now I offer you a free Visioning Session to envision your most impactful soul-satisfying work . We'll clarify where your heart is calling you to go and the challenges that have been stopping you. And we'll explore how I could support you to step into the purposeful work that you were born to do.

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
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