Does Your Work Turn You on...or Off?

Jul 13, 2017

Today's Spark is here to let sparks fly between you and your work! It's here to tap into your sexual energy and reclaim it as a vital force for good in the soul-satisfying work you are meant to do.

Sexual energy, creativity, money, and overall vitality are intimately interconnected. When one of those areas is stagnant or stuck, then all areas are diminished. And this greatly impacts our ability to do our soul-satisfying work.
Let's focus in on Sexual Energy for today as that is often not talked about in relation to your work in the world. In fact, we often think of our sexual energy and our work life as completely separate. Whether because of professional ethics, or the prevalence of sexual harassment in the workplace, it is easy to view their overlap as wrong or bad.
But if you suppress your pure potent sexual energy throughout your work day, you end up constricting your creativity, your money-making potential, your magnetic ability to attract clients, and your full expression of vitality that brings energy and joy into your work.
So today, we remove the taboo. And we let our healthy sexual energy be a natural part of who we are when we are at work. We begin to look at our soul-satisfying work and our pure sexual energy as intimate partners.
From this perspective we can imagine ...

Letting your whole self show up at work, including your sexual energy, is crucial to being able to create and enjoy your soul-satisfying work.
Use the next 2 minutes to see if sparks are flying between you and your work. Answer these 10 tell-tale questions with a simple Yes or No.
1.     Does your work turn you on--does it make you come alive?

2.     Does your work get your creative juices flowing? 

3.     When you think or talk about your work, do you feel excited? 

4.     When it's time to get your work groove on, do you want to? 

5.     Are your deepest desires being fulfilled at work?

6.     Do you get to experience the pleasure of working each day? 

7.     Do you feel a climactic high at the peak of your creative work flow? 

8.     Are you magnetically attracting the people your gifts are meant to serve? 

9.     Are you enjoying giving and receiving Money by being freely yourself? 

10.   When you're finished working, do you feel a sense of deep satisfaction?

If you are feeling a culminating resounding YES reverberating throughout your body and soul as you answer these questions, major congrats! You are doing the work you're designed to do and you are Bringing It All to the table in service to those you are meant to serve. You are letting your healthy sexual energy flow alongside your creativity, money-making mojo, and vitality. And work feels gooooooooooooooood!
If you are feeling a constricted No, I hope you let this awaken you to the possibility of your Yes. I hope you open to the idea that the work you're meant to also meant to do good AND feel good. And I encourage you to tend to any constrictions around your sexual energy so it can flow in healthy ways, enlivening your work. 

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