Embody Your True Power to Create the Business You Were Born to Lead

Aug 13, 2018
Today's SPARK supports you to embody your True Power to create the business you were born to lead. And the first step is becoming fully present.
The Soulful Entrepreneur's Meditation
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of the written message below.
Do you realize that Your Full Presence is the essential ingredient to creating the business you were born to lead? So how 'bout we take this moment to become fully present? 

{breathe, my friend, breathe} 

I know it's easy to feel like there is no time or space for stillness or meditation with everything on your 'To Do' list. So let's go right to that list. But this time, Witness your thoughts about what you have to do today.
{See that thought about emailing that person back. Hear that thought about completing that project.}
Be peacefully present as you watch those thoughts move through your mind. Instead of being the thinker, or even being the thoughts, Know that you are the witness. Can you sense that right now? 

{You are Not your thoughts. You are the witness of your thoughts.} 

Now Witness the emotions that arise when you think about where you are on your path of making your business dreams real.
{Perhaps you'll notice that emotion of frustration that you're not yet making the money that you want. Or maybe you'll notice that emotion of Joy about getting to do the work you Love.}
Be peacefully present as you watch those emotions move through--witness fear or sadness or hope or excitement. Instead of identifying or even being consumed by the emotion, Know that you are the witness. Can you sense that?
{You are Not your emotions. You are the witness of your emotions.} 

As you anchor into this awareness of being the witness, you are experiencing your truest Self--your essence, consciousness, or higher awareness. Anchoring your identity into this truest Self is the key to resting into your next level of expansion. 

{Feel the peace of being the Witness right now, no matter what thoughts, emotions, to dos, or challenges you're encountering on the entrepreneurial path.} 

When you are the witness, you are aligned with your invulnerable, everlasting Spirit. Knowing that you are this Spiritual Self rather than any smaller fearful ego self creates your unstoppable resilience as an entrepreneur.
{Not even death can stop your Spiritual Self. Nor can any obstacle on the path to creating your business.}
So dear one, as you go forth in the direction of your greater calling, are you the small, thinking, fearing, ego-driven you? NO WAY! It's time to let that identity take the back seat and your invulnerable Spirit take the wheel.
{Hear the truest voice within you--the voice of your spirit saying... "I am ready to lead the way."}
Sense right now that your Spirit is connected with your Source of all Life, your Creator of all Creations, your Witness to the Universe, your loving God. And that your Spirit is Higher Powered. And that this higher power animates all living beings. 

{Are you with me...are you One with me?} 

So we are part of One Whole Creation. You and I are intimately inter-related in unified connection. No matter how isolated your solo-preneur workday might seem on to your ego, your spiritual self knows that it is never separate or alone.

{Have we blown our minds open yet to this present moment?}
When you are fully present, witness to your thoughts and emotions, and aligned with your Spirit, you can create with your True Power. When you create your business with your True Power, the entire cosmos is helping you bring your vision into reality.
{Let yourself receive the support of the universe.} 

This is how you can make your greatest contribution.

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