Experience Your True Potential Right Now

Jun 23, 2014

Today, rather than just thinking about ‘True Self’ and ‘Full Potential’ as abstract concepts, I want to encourage you to actually experience the full potential of your true self through a fun experiment. Sound intriguing?

Rules of the Experiment: There is no right or wrong. And, do it for the fun of it.

Fun Step 1: 

Grab your phone or basic video recorder and set up a simple selfie recording studio!

Fun Step 2: 

Sit or stand with feet on ground, breathing naturally and coming into the present as much as possible. 

Close your eyes and imagine that you have a wise, true, empowered inner essence that is easy to connect with and embody right now. Imagine that she is your full potential expressed.

Invite her to fully inhabit you for this playful experiment. Invite her to speak through you, move through you, sing through you, act through you.

Fun Step 3: 

Open your eyes, press record, and see what happens!

 Fun Step 4: 

Enjoy watching the video you created and discovering something new about yourself and your potential by watching your true self in action.

Fun Step 5:

I’ll share my experiment with you. Will you share yours with me?

If you’re feeling brave, hop on over to our SPARK Facebook Page and post your video there.  Let’s encourage each other to have fun being our truest selves…one playful experiment at a time!

Here’s What Happened in My Experiment…

So fun! Who knew that I had a poem inside that my true self was just waiting to speak through me. This might be my new favorite pastime–Very liberating to press record without knowing what’s going to happen!

Enjoy this illuminating poetic improvisation (and my very intense eye contact:) 

And, remember, we are each incredibly unique. Your experiment will be completely different. That’s the beauty of it…I’m uniquely me and you are uniquely YOU!

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