Will You Express Your Soul Fully Today? Inspiration for Expressing Your True Self in Your Work

May 21, 2019

Today, I encourage you to express your Soul fully --and especially to let your soul expression become an essential part of each work day. Because if you're not expressing your Soul fully, you are not doing what you were born to do, you're not sharing the message you're meant to share, you're not making the unique contribution only you can make...and you are not making the most of your precious life.

When your soul is unexpressed, you're likely to feel stuck in your head, exhausted and overwhelmed, busy with minutia, stopped in front of fear, stagnant and small. Why live like this when you could simply shift it all by being yourself and expressing your Soul?

One easy litmus test is to ask yourself at the end of each work day: Did I express my Soul fully todayIf the answer is Yes, you will feel deeply satisfied--enjoy that! If the answer is No, ask yourself what you could do right now to express your Soul. And then, of course, do it!

Recently, when I asked that question as the work day came to an end, I heard a clear 'No, you did not express your Soul fully today'. My Soul was feeling hidden behind to do lists, endless typing, and mental minutia as I prepare for our big event. Although it is atypical for me, I was feeling some constriction and I knew that meant I was holding back my full self-expression. I recognized that as I become more and more devoted to my spiritual path, there was a new fear arising about the external judgment that would come as I expressed my Soul and my devotion to God~Love~Consciousness on a whole new level. To move beyond this fear of judgment, I knew I needed to take swift action to step fully into freedom of expression once again. My action was to simply press record, let my Soul express itself, and then share it publicly ~ with you here...


Expressing My Soul at Work from Jessica Chilton on Vimeo.


In the days since this moment, I have enjoyed a new level of soulful expression as a meaningful part of each work day. One favorite way to express my truest self is to walk through the beautiful cemetery behind my house and record any improvisational messages that my heart wants to speak or sing. I offer a couple of these to you here...

Click on each image below to hear my Soul encouraging yours to come out and play! May we each freely be who we truly are.

 "I Want to Be Simply Me" 
Message from My Soul

"You Are a Star" 
Message from My Soul

As you prepare for the work week ahead, how might you make space in each day to express your Soul? Perhaps this is your week to commit to revealing your Soul on a whole new level. Maybe you would benefit by creating your own visibility challenge--experimenting with '7 Days of Soul Expression'? How might it feel to let your Soul play and express itself in the way it loves? Could this be your moment to give yourself permission to come out of hiding again, to reveal an even clearer expression of your Soul, and to step into an even greater calling and unique contribution? We will all benefit. 

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