Feel Your FIERCE

Jun 14, 2017

Today's SPARK inspires your soul-satisfying work to be both good for you AND good for our global community. It comes from my own dormant fierceness that is beginning to stir.

Marianne Williamson, speaking passionately to us at the "Our Love is Our Power" Summit in Asheville last weekend, delivered a sobering and compelling call to action.

She reminded us that all thriving species have fierce females who protect and ensure the survival of the pack or community. She called upon Women to tap into our innate fierceness.

She acknowledged our culture's negative name-calling of the fierce female, urging us to overcome the fear of being labeled as angry or hormonal or bitchy. I add to that an encouragement to move through all personal fears that hold back our fierceness--fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough, or fear of doing something wrong. For on the other side of these fears is our powerful love-fueled ability to stand up for humanity.

She called on us to not just disagree with social injustice, saying, "Oh, isn't that terrible." Rather, she urged us to: Stand up. Show up. Speak up--taking action that says, "Not On My Watch!"

Among many societal problems that are threatening our human race-- climate change, poverty, starvation, war--I squirmed in the awareness that my fierceness is not out in full force. Sure... I am making a positive difference for my SPARK Community and for my close circle of family & friends. But what about all the other humans on the planet who are in tremendous need? Couldn't my soul-satisfying work & life be even more interconnected with the good of all?

Although I do not yet know the details of how I will change my daily actions and business structure, I do know that I am ready to discover how my fierceness can emerge for the good of other humans. My personal & business life is ready to grow in the direction of interconnection.

I am aware that as I nourish my 4 year old with the healthiest high-quality food I can prepare, there are thousands of children dying of starvation each day. I am aware that as I support the personal & professional liberation of the rising entrepreneurs in my programs, 21 million people are enslaved by human-trafficking each year. I am aware as that I practice composting & recycling in my home, our President pulls us out of the Paris Climate Agreement and rolls back environmental regulations.

I would love to evolve my business and our SPARK Community toward greater social impact. Somehow, someway, amidst the fullness of it all, I want to show up for our global human community, with love and conviction.

Do you resonate with this? I'd love to hear your ideas, actions, struggles, fears, and successes related to what I have shared here. How can we each take fierce loving action in the name of humanity? How can our soul-satisfying work have its greatest impact on the greater good?

One thing is for sure. There is something waking inside of me--the fierceness of the Mama Bear and the Lioness, that says:

I will stand in my power....for Me...for You....for All of Us.

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