Free Gift: Move Beyond What Is Holding You Back

Apr 20, 2016

This is a gift I made for the Creative Entrepreneur within you. I know not all of you have your own business. But I do believe that all of you have creative visions, dreams, and projects living within that are in various stages of gestation, hatching, and fruition.

Yes, if you're drawn to SPARK, it's likely that you do have a creative entrepreneurial spirit. I dedicate this gift to the dormant, budding, rising, or fully expressed Creative Entrepreneur that you are.

I have high hopes that this Gift, "The 30-Minute Liberator," will be a catalyst for you to move through what is currently holding you back from your purposeful work in the world. I designed this guided coaching experience...

to shift you from fear to expansion,
to dissolve overwhelm and activate focused clarity,
and to turn off distraction and move you into your next inspired action.

 'The 30-Minute Liberator' is designed for your work day. It is here to move you beyond what is holding you back right now so that your work day can be purposeful, inspired, creative, and aligned with your truest self.

And, by the way, this gift is meant to be shared! Please share this blog post and gift "The 30-Minute Liberator" to any of your friends who are Creative Entrepreneurs at heart. Spread the love and support each other to let our gifts make a difference in the world.

Click here to see all the details, hear what other creative entrepreneurs are saying about it, and benefit from what I've created for You!

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