Free Yourself from Needing Others to Like You

Jul 07, 2014

Today, I invite you to watch this video….and JUDGE ME!

Yep, you heard right, I said, “Judge Me!”
And then…free yourself from needing others to like you.

I have declared this week, ‘My Week of Bravery.’ This is my time to liberate myself from all that holds me back from being bravely myself on stage in front of an audience. And on Friday, as the finale of this week, I will actually be on stage as part of a live event called “Night of Bravery.” 

This video is one of my experiments in embodying my truest self, pressing record, and starting to speak without a plan. This is my new favorite thing to do because it liberates me from my past pattern of having to plan, script, and perfect what I want to say before I say it. Wow! This is way more fun. And much more powerful for all involved.

What I learned from this particular experiment …

For so long I have harbored a fear–somewhere inside– of being judged negatively. This fear likes to emerge before I take the stage to speak or perform. I have feared I would fall short of others expectations, I would disappoint, make a mistake, fail in some way, and embarrass myself. 

(Do you have any of these fears?)

Because of this fear, I have NEEDED others to judge me positively. Because I gave my power away to the audience when I walked on stage, I needed praise, applause, and affirmation. I needed the home run, the A+. I needed you to put your stamp of approval on my worth. 

(Do you feel a need for others to like you?)

Now I realize that when I am centered in myself I don’t need you to do or be anything for me. When I stay in touch with my own inner worth and value as I stand on stage, I don’t need you or anyone else to judge me positively. And when I am feeling the love for all that I am as I stand in the spotlight, I no longer fear that you’ll judge me negatively.

(Are you ready for this sense of freedom?)

Liberating myself from others judgments lets my full potential flow through me.  Freeing myself from needing to be liked, lets me be bravely myself…on and off stage. 

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