Freedom to Be Yourself at Work

Apr 26, 2017

Today's SPARK is blossoming with inspiration for you to be freely yourself at work!

Before I dig in, let me say I skipped a few beats here with you. We had 5 weeks of virus-athons in our family. When I wasn't focused on healing myself, my son, or my husband, I gave all of my working energy to my current clients. I'm grateful now to be back in the world of blossoming flowers--and back here with you!

So, onto today's message --packed with flower power from photos I've been taking on my daily walks. I am completely in love with these natural beauties!

When I started my business in 2008, I remember thinking:

I really want complete freedom to be myself, offering my gifts in their purest form. I felt clear that I didn't want to constrict who I was or how I could best serve others.

When I looked at the mental health job opportunities at the time, I did not see a position that would give me the freedom to fully show up as my most powerful true self. So I decided to create a business that would set me free to do the unique work that my heart and soul called me to do.

Of course it has been a winding journey to create my business in a way that most aligns with my purpose, passions, and gifts. I have made plenty of missteps (that of course offered exactly the lessons I needed to learn). Thankfully, I had coaches and mentors that helped me to keep showing up fully to the journey-- harvesting those lessons and moving forward. Overall, I am so very grateful, as an entrepreneur, to have the creative freedom to design my work in complete alignment with where my heart calls me to go.


This past week has been full of satisfaction as my clients tap into their own freedom. One of my SHINE Expansive private clients told me yesterday that she already got her money's worth on her 3-month coaching package, even though we were only on the 3rd week of working together. In that time, she already experienced the shift from years of suppressing her desire to be a painter, to fully claiming her identity as an Artist and painting everyday since we began our work together. As she gave herself the freedom to let her work become painting, she felt more creative, satisfied, light, and joyful about her Life. Her excitement about her progress gave me such deep delight. I feel so grateful for the freedom to do this work.

Through my Love Liberate Launch Coaching Program, I enjoy the thrill of helping other rising entrepreneurs to freely create the business that they are each uniquely designed to lead. It's so fascinating to witness them discover who they are at their core and let that naturalness become the core of their business. And then, it is deeply satisfying to see them embracing ALL parts and pieces of who they have become and the life that they have lived--the highs and lows, dark and light--as they create their business with full permission to express their whole human self. Because ultimately, when our business is a vehicle that sets us free, we can move into the expansive visions that inspire us most and make the meaningful contributions we were born to make.

I tell these stories today to encourage you to grow your own freedom in your current life and work. Let's begin by taking a look at how free you are right now.

Freedom Pulse-Check

Take a few minutes to journal in response to these 5 potent questions.

1. Does your work offer you complete freedom to be who you really are?

2. Is your uniqueness completely welcomed as your greatest asset at work?

3. Are all parts of you and your life allowed to show up at work?

4. While working, can you stand in the spotlight and let your true self be seen and heard?

5. Do you feel that you are boldly making the contribution you were born to make?

If you feel a resounding YES I'd love to hear about your soul-satisfying work. Send me a quick reply to share about the work you're doing that gives you complete freedom to be who you really are. Who knows, maybe we're meant to collaborate in same way as kindred spirits on this path.

If your answer is Kinda, Sorta, Not Really, No way Jose, Not one bit, then I'd love to hear from you too. How does your current work constrict you from showing up fully and offering your unique gifts with gusto?

And if you're ready to make a big change from answering these questions with No to answering these questions with a resounding Yes, I offer you a free Visioning Session to clarify how to navigate this transformation and talk through how I can support you in creating your next chapter where you are FREE to be fully yourself at work.

And no matter what your answers are, this flower is for you...


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