From _______ to _______. What journey of freedom are you on?

Aug 14, 2019

Today, it’s my honor to meet you where you are in your journey to freedom. 

So let's start by identifying where you are. If you imagine being on a journey right now to expand your freedom, what are you currently moving from and toward? 

To help you identify your phase in the freedom journey, here are some examples that my clients and I have been traveling lately:

~from being a Nice Girl to the freedom to speak your truth.

~from being scared of the Bully's reaction to being free to be you without any care of what others might say in response. 

~from taking too much responsibility for other people to the freedom of clear boundaries. 

~from trying to like everything and everyone to the freedom to not like what you don't like.

~from scarcity and lack to freedom to receive the abundance you desire.

~from confusion about your purpose to freedom to step into your greater calling.

~from martyrdom to the freedom of being of greatest service to others by taking great care of yourself first.

~from victimhood to freedom to powerfully create your experience of life.

~from perfectionistic expectations to the freedom of non-attachment, trust, and faith.

~from old pain and illness stored in the body to the freedom of total physical healing.

~from financial dependence to the freedom of financial empowerment.

~from being trapped in your ego-mind to the freedom of your divinity leading the way.

~from orienting your daily life around shoulds and obligations to the freedom of creating your day in alignment with your soul.

So, what journey of freedom are you on?

From ________ to _________.

Let's take a deeper creative look at two specific aspects of the journey to freedom -- from blame to unconditional love & from fear to trust.  The 2 video clips below are from my recent Facebook Live where I showed up to improvise poems and songs on the spot for viewers about their journey to freedom. 

I invited viewers to write a comment about the journey to freedom that they are on right now by filling in the blanks: "I am on a journey from ____ to ____." 

#1 "From Blame to Unconditional Acceptance"
Here is the poetic song that I improvised in response to Robyn's journey "from blame to unconditional acceptance" on our recent FB Live. It went deep and felt so powerful and tender. May it inspire you to let Love shine into all the blaming~shaming places within.


 #2 "From Fear to Trust"
Jumping to another moment in this Facebook Live improvisational experience, take a peek into Karen's journey from fear to trust. May it inspire you to move beyond fear, trust your way in the unknown, and sing your soul's song.


 As I closed the FB Live, I let a message come through for all of us. Our freedom is interconnected--my freedom inspires your freedom inspires their freedom inspires our freedom. See what this closing improvisational song has to say to you. And make sure we're friends on facebook and you've liked the Jessica Chilton-Spark FB Biz page so that you'll have a chance to play together with us during my next Live Improv in the name of Freedom.


I'm so grateful to be able to support so many creative soulful entrepreneurs and awakening leaders on their freedom journey as they come out of hiding, claim their worthiness, value their gifts, and bring their inspired business vision into reality.  If you are ready for your own journey, and would like to receive my coaching support along the way, I invite you to sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session.




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