From Constriction to Full Expression: Lorrie's Transformation

May 03, 2017

Today's SPARK comes in the form of a transformational true story told by one of my inspiring private clients.

It is with great delight that I introduce you to Lorrie...

"I decided to invest in Jessica's private coaching program 2 years ago, because I knew I was ready to experience deep transformation and create the life that my soul truly desires.

At that time, my life was entirely different. I was feeling constricted and dissatisfied in so many ways--in myself, in my marriage, in my life. I was not feeling ALIVE. I did not feel free to be myself. I was stuck in old patterns of perfectionism & people-pleasing-conforming to what everyone else wanted me to be. My creative expression and purposeful potential felt blocked and untapped. And I was not happy.

Each month of the program, Jessica guided me in choosing a transformational theme that would inspire my next level of growth. She supported me in doing the inner work around that theme and offered accountability and feedback as I completed an artistic monthly project that was a creative expression of my soul. Some of the most amazing creations would come out of me because she held me accountable. My Angel Warrior painting, pictured here, is one of the most meaningful to me.

As a result, my life became the most amazing creative project of all. Jessica helped me stay on my path so I could express my soul in all ways-- not just in my monthly creative projects, but also in the ultimate creation of my soul-satisfying life. 

While working with Jessica over the course of two years (when the first year's program ended I immediately signed up to continue), so much has changed.

I have navigated a divorce in an empowering way. I have reached a level of forgiveness and expanded love for my ex-husband that has resulted in a harmonious and beautiful modern family. I am now able to let men into my life and enjoy their gifts without losing myself.

I have let go of fears, judgments, expectations, attachments and limitations. 

Here I stand in the retreat center I have created.

I have stepped into my creative power, painting the most transformational paintings of my life. And I am deepening my sense of purpose and positive impact through the way I am contributing in my community.

I have bought a new property and transformed it into a retreat center and monastery, while I am also supporting other artists and causes that inspire me through conscious investment.

I have stepped into my divine femininity in ways that are so juicy and delicious, deepening my connection to God and opening me to infinite possibilities and love.

Here I stand in the retreat center I have created.

I truly feel like a much more liberated woman today than I was two years ago. Working with Jessica was an integral part in all these experiences and expansions. I'm in gratitude for her presence, her insight, her intuition, and her creativity that served me in the perfect ways along the journey."

Written by Lorrie --
Transformational Artist
Retreat Center Steward
Conscious Investor

It has been such a deep delight to work with Lorrie. Her transformation has inspired me each step of the way. Now that Lorrie has graduated, I have space for a new courageous private client who is ready for my highest level of support .

If you are on the brink of a new chapter, you are ready for significant transformation, and you know you want to step into your purposeful soul-satisfying work, I would love to support you in this powerful time of transition.

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