From Ego-Driven to Higher Powered

Mar 25, 2018
Today's SPARK arrives on Sunday as I'm here to inspire a spiritual approach to entrepreneurship. I'm including a business sermon of sorts, that gives you 3 ways to shift your life and business from ego-driven to higher-powered.

3 Essential Shifts to Create Your Higher Powered Business
3 Essential Shifts to Create Your Higher Powered Business

This video is the replay of my recent FB Live Event that led me to speak my truth about the Spiritual way I approach entrepreneurship. I shared the 3 big ways I have shifted and evolved from being an ego-driven entrepreneur to leading a higher powered business, while giving you practical ways you can make this shift too. I share some major mistakes and turning point stories--like when I built a whole business on everyone else's advice and all kinds of ego-driven goals, but never satisfied my own soul or made the difference I'm meant to make.

Whether you are an aspiring or rising entrepreneur, if you are ready to shift from the ego-driven, externally-motivated, needing to prove, hiding behind a façade way of being... to the inner guided, higher powered, surrendered, trusting, clarity-inspired way of creating a business, I'm speaking to you.

If you are driving toward ambitious goals and pushing forward willfully, you are in the "Proving" way of running your business. At a deeper level, you are likely trying to achieve these goals to prove that you are good enough--worthy of love, credibility, and trust. Check out Shift #1 (at 6:09 mark). It's time to Surrender. It's time to let your Higher Power guide the way, to know you are already Whole, to embody Love, and to offer your gifts from there.

If you are relying on other experts and their strategies, formulas, advice, and 'shoulds' to tell you what to do in your business...without checking in with your own inner guidance, you'll lose your own uniqueness and never follow your own North Star. If you are focused on external input, external motivation, external validation, it can lead you to build somebody else's business rather than your own. You are ready for Shift #2. (at the 15:37 mark) It's time for you to become Inner Guided. This is the way to create a truly inspired, aligned, love-fueled, higher powered business, rather than one that will not satisfy your soul. You will be amazed at your expanded capacity to serve when your higher power is working through you. And in case you're on an endless search, I focus in on what your true Purpose is (at the 21:15 mark). Ha! Are you curious?

If you want to step beyond traditional launch formulas and see an inspired, higher powered, creative way to Launch your business or a new program or service, I bring you behind the scenes to see my Inner Guided Launch Map (at the 24:66 mark). I show you how you can approach your Launch as a Rite of Passage that grows you into your next level of Leadership and how to create an intuitive Launch Map that will guide the way to attracting the clients you're meant to serve.

If you're currently identified with your ego, attached to a persona, and holding up a façade, you're showing up in your business like a 2 dimensional object with diminished authenticity. It's time to let go of the draining hard work it takes to maintain that false persona. If you're holding back the truth of who you are, you're ready for Shift #3. (at the 31:08 mark) Then you get to create the business built on who you really are-- that becomes a platform for your authenticity, liberation, and connecting heart to heart with those you're meant to serve.

After watching, I hope you take a few minutes of solitude to tune into your Higher Power today and ask for guidance around these 3 shifts.

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