From No Business to Launch Day

Sep 26, 2017

Today's Spark asks you: what becomes possible when your Courage is greater than your fear?

I'm so excited to introduce you to two soulful entrepreneurs in our Love Liberate Launch business coaching program, whose Courage is greater than fear. As this Thursday, September 28th, is the very last day of 2017 to join us in Love Liberate Launch, they wanted to share their experience to inspire your courage to join our intimate group. Through their stories, may you believe in your ability to move from 'no business to launch day'. And may you see beyond fears & not-good-enoughs to the future reality of making great money through your purpose-driven business.

Molly Rouse is in month 7 of Love Liberate Launch and has just celebrated the launch of her new business, Nurtured Mamas. If you wonder if you can go from having no business to celebrating your big launch day, take a minute to watch what Molly has to say. She talks about avoiding overwhelm, moving beyond the ways you hold yourself back, dreaming bigger, and creating a business that is based on what you love to do most.

How Molly launched her business with the support of Love Liberate Launch: 

I'm so excited for all the new mothers that will benefit from Molly's wealth of postpartum care experience, private chef prowess, anthropological perspective on global best practices, and compassionate nurturing heart. If you know any expecting & new mothers, make sure they visit

Now I'd love to introduce you to Robin Funsten of Community Conflict Solutions. If you are worried about investing in Love Liberate Launch, hear what Robin has to say. She was scared to take that leap too. But with the support of Love Liberate Launch, she has made back her investment plus thousands and thousands more. She is so glad she had the courage to invest in herself and her business when she enrolled 7 months ago.

Alongside setting her up for financial success, she shares about how this program has supported her journey from feeling 'not-good-enough' to being firmly rooted in self-trust, self-confidence, and self-worth. Now she leads her business from a foundation of knowing the value of her gifts and how they make a positive difference in the world.

Robin shares the financial results & personal growth gained through
Love Liberate Launch:

If you know a leader of a corporation who is looking to positively impact their bottom line through increased staff morale & retention, make sure they connect with Robin Funsten at She has an amazing ability to cultivate a harmonious work team within the most conflict-rich environments.

If you hear any inner voice urging you to join us, take this moment to sign up for a free Visioning Session with me before September 28th. During this one-on-one time, we'll talk through what is possible for you with the support of Love Liberate Launch.

Before I sign off, I'll share one more video so you can feel into this decision of joining Love Liberate Launch and creating the business you were born to lead.

Here I am, sitting at the kitchen table at my retreat cabin, talking with you...

In this video I share how to know if you're ready, how to see through any Money resistance that comes up when you think about investing in your business, how to befriend any fears that naturally arise before a leap, and how to tune into your inner guidance to make the right decision for you.

Last week I announced the special bonuses I'm giving to all who sign up by September 28th. 

Let's Recap. Here are 4 Compelling Reasons to enroll in Love Liberate Launch by Sept 28th:

1. You get 1 additional Month of Coaching Support for Free. Love Liberate Launch is designed as a 9-month online coaching program. But all who sign up by September 28th will receive an extra month of coaching support for free. This gives some extra breathing room for taking breaks over the holidays since you can spread your 9 months of curriculum over the next 10 months. Between October 1st 2017 and July 31st 2018, you will receive support from 20 live group-coaching calls with me as you create and launch the business that sets you free.

2. You can attend our 2-day Live Retreat for free! Yes, all who sign up by September 28th get a free ticket to attend our Live Spring Retreat in Hot Springs, North Carolina. (Date & details will be announced in the New Year.) Here's a peek into our last LLL retreat!

3. You can even test out the program for free! For those who enroll by Sept 28th, I'm also offering a 30-Day Guarantee. If you fully complete the 1st month of our program and decide it's not for you, I will refund your payment in full.

4. You will start the New Year already standing on the foundation of your new business! If you join Love Liberate Launch by September 28th, here's what you can experience before the New Year arrives.

In the first 3 months of the Love Liberate Launch program, you will:

  • Clarify your unique business--knowing what business you are designed to lead and confidently answering the question: What do you do?
  • Discover the ideal clients you are uniquely designed to serve & solidify your unique approach to serving them.
  • Shape your greatest gifts into your most valuable offering and Price your services to reflect your deepened sense of worth.
  • Connect with the deeper Purpose that fuels your business and express it in a way that attracts those you're meant to serve.
  • Heal what needs healing so you can Love All of Who You Are and show up fully in your business.
  • Practice freeing & being yourself in the Spotlight--expressing your truest self as you create your authentic business brand.
  • Create a positive relationship with Money, doing the inner work to dissolve limiting beliefs that have stifled your earning potential.
  • Let go of energy drains and re-focus your time on creating a business you love--supported by a coach who will hold you accountable to making forward progress on your entrepreneurial journey.

This is all possible in the first 3 months of the program, before we even ring in the New Year. How good would it feel to step into 2018 from this powerful place? From there, the LLL journey continues as you build the business that sets you free to make the unique contribution that only you can make.

If you're beginning to feel that your Courage is greater than your Fear...and you do want to connect with me to talk through this decision, make sure you sign up right now for a free Visioning Session. In this one-on-one time together, we will start to clarify the Vision for your unique business. We will take a compassionate look at your current challenges and see beyond to what is possible as a liberated entrepreneur. And we will talk through how the Love Liberate Launch program could specifically support you in your next chapter of soul-satisfying work.

Ready to feel spiritually secure as you follow inner guidance to create your inspired life & work?
If you'd like my support, sign up for a Connection Call to discover if we'd both LOVE being on the journey together.