From Self-Loathing to Self-Loving. Right Now.

Jul 09, 2018
Today's SPARK offers an instantaneous and miraculous shift from fear to love.

In this interview on The Daring Woman Podcast, I openly share the part of my life that was steeped in fear and self-loathing and then guide you in your own transformative shift from Fear to Love.
  Moving from fear to love--and self-loathing to self-loving--is an essential part of the path of making your unique contribution in this world.
As you listen, open yourself to an instantaneous, miraculous, loving, turning-point moment right now. And then learn a simple practical technique that you can use to shift from fear to love over and over again for the rest of your life.

Free yourself of all distractions, 
open yourself for a transformative experience, 
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And for those who realize that there is more healing and transformation to be done in order to make your unique contribution, I offer you a free Visioning Session to explore how my Private Coaching Program could support your readiness to LOVE all of who you are so you can courageously offer your gifts in the world.
Call for Collaborators! 

As I mentioned last week, if you are in Asheville, I am looking for collaborators who are also on a mission to shift from fear to love --on the personal, leadership, and community level.

Please complete this  Collaborator Questionnaire if you resonate with this vision.  (National and global collaboration will happen next year--so if you're not in Asheville stay tuned.)
The Vision for this "Let Asheville Lead: The Shift from Fear to Love" Event this fall (and the on-going initiative it will spark) is VERY collaborative in nature. We are looking for those who are also on a mission to shift from fear to love a nd are ready to bring their unique message, gifts, ideas, support, and LOVE to the cause. 

We are calling in leaders, musicians, artists, dancers, poets, spiritual leaders, love-based activists, practitioners, healers, coaches, mothers, fathers, revolutionaries, wisdom keepers, teachers, etc who are drawn together around this mission of shifting from fear to love.

My own focus is on helping rising leaders to move beyond fear to say yes to their greater calling. I specialize in supporting entrepreneurs to love, liberate, and launch the business they were born to lead. Each collaborator will have their own unique focus related to shifting fear to love in a specific sphere of our Asheville community . (You might be focused on public education or community service or women's empowerment or love-based politics or body love or domestic violence or homelessness or positive parenting or any other realm where at the root you are helping to make a shift from fear to love). 

I'm so excited and eager to hear how we are each contributing to this mission--and how we can support each other to amplify the effects of our work by coming together for this event and on-going initiative.

If you are drawn to collaborating in this Event, your next step is to complete this Collaborator Questionnaire right now so I can see what you are inspired to contribute to this co-creation. 
I'm so eager to connect with each of you!
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