Guided. Liberated. And on a Mission.

Jan 10, 2018

Today's SPARK invokes your inner guidance, inspires your liberation, and invites you on a mission.

My Word of the Year is GUIDED. More than ever, I am committed to full time partnership with my Inner Guidance and my unconditionally-loving God. I begin each workday journaling with God & and my Inner Guide and then let the actions of my day and the decisions in my business flow from the guidance I receive.

What is Your Word of the Year? I'd love to know. And if you are still ambiguous about your Word of the Year and the related Intentions and Desires you want to bring into reality in 2018, make sure you read last week's eZine: "8 Questions that will change the trajectory of your entire year."

Here's where "GUIDED" has led me so far...

~ I feel a huge sense of increased capacity to serve, now that it is not 'just me' doing the serving. Rather, I have a true sense of this loving higher power working through me, on behalf of each client.

~ My heart's capacity to love is expanding as The SPARK Community expands -- with many new members flowing in with each passing day.

~ Rather than 'doing' more (and pushing or driving forward ambitiously from my own will) I am feeling the ease of being Guided and trusting my highest self to lead in the unknown.

~ I feel a sense of soulful match-making between me and my clients that feels divinely orchestrated. I am attracting clients who also desire their higher power to be guiding the way.

~ I am embodying forgiveness, love, and acceptance on a whole new level. And so are my clients.

~ I am being guided toward true collaboration -- where all involved know we are All One. What benefits one, benefits us all. What lifts one up, lifts us all up.

~ I am seeing my deeper mission more clearly than help people move beyond fear and toward love as they say Yes to their calling and make their unique contribution.


I'm grateful to be featured in WNC Woman Magazine this month. May the message in this article inspire your own liberation.

If you're dreaming of a "Business That Will Set You Free," (click to read on WNC Woman's site) I wrote this one especially for and with you! If you'd prefer to scroll down and read, I included the article below.


The Business That Will Set You Free
By Jessica Chilton

When I was 17, my older sister Jennifer took her own life. Jennifer was my role model, and in my grief, I also came close to suicide. I am grateful that I made a different choice. Instead of death, I chose to make life my path of liberation. Becoming an entrepreneur was born from this choice.

I remember emerging from four years of graduate training in Counseling & Expressive Arts Therapy back in 2007 only to realize that there was not a single job posting that would let me be fully myself. None of the mental health positions available offered me the freedom I craved to really show up and make my unique contribution.

So I pioneered my own way into entrepreneurship--creating a business that would set me free to do the unique work that my heart and soul called me to do. Ever since, I approach each workday as a liberating opportunity to reveal more of who I am and step deeper into my purposeful work. I live in constant discovery--always finding new treasures in response to the questions I've invited thousands to explore for themselves: Who am I now? What is my purpose? And how can my gifts make their unique contribution in the world?

These questions led me to the joy of guiding others to create the business they were born to lead--the one that sets them free. We begin with the inner work of re-discovering who they are, what their deeper purpose is propelling them to do, how their greatest gifts can make the most meaningful difference. And then we turn that goodness into a business focused on the people they are uniquely designed to serve.

Over the years, it has become clear that each person I work with is craving liberation, and is hiding some part of who they are. Whether they are hiding their talents, hiding their fears, hiding their value, hiding something embarrassing, hiding their power, hiding their spirituality, hiding their money, hiding a past failure, or hiding their truth... there is always something hiding that has to come out in order for these courageous individuals to show up fully to the work they're called to do.

One of my favorite liberating things to say to my entrepreneurial clients to encourage them to come out of hiding is this: With the Earth's population at 7.6 Billion, you need to REPEL MORE THAN 7 BILLION people in order to attract the hundreds, thousands, or even millions you're uniquely designed to serve. My clients LOVE when I say this because it gives them permission to be disliked, judged, and rejected...which is often their greatest fear.

Because I work with individuals who tend to be people-pleasers & perfectionists, being liked and approved of by all who meet them is high on their list of priorities--consciously or subconsciously. If you have these same tendencies, you'll constantly water down, suppress, contort, constrict, conform, hush, and hide the bold truth of who you really are, what you really have to say, and the unique Value that only you can offer.

When you're an entrepreneur in a sea of people who offer similar services, your uniqueness, authenticity, and visibility are crucial to help you stand out to those who need your gifts the most. But if you hold back in these areas in fear of negative judgment, your business never takes off because you never FULLY SHOW UP.

Once you realize that indeed you're not designed to serve every human on this planet (nor do you have the capacity for 7.6 Billion clients), you no longer have to be attractive to everyone. Once you give yourself permission to repel people, you can fully come out of hiding and boldly be the person you really are! It is so much fun when the spirit of liberation takes full effect for my clients and their freedom reigns in their business. Then their business becomes a full expression of their Uniqueness and offers a stage upon which they can freely do what they were born to do.

If you want to take your next bold step in the direction of liberation, I invite you to "Unleash the Work You're Designed to Do." As a New Year's gift, I am offering my five-day online mini-course for free. You can access it at May 2018 be your year to come out of hiding, move beyond fear, and say Yes to your greater calling.

Jessica Chilton guides women to clarify their soul-satisfying work and create the business they were born to lead--the one that sets them free to make their unique contribution. If 2018 is your year to Love Liberate & Launch your next chapter of soul-satisfying work, sign up for a complimentary Visioning Session with Jessica.

Joining Together in this Mission... Would you also like to help people move beyond fear and toward love so that they can say Yes to their greater calling and make their unique contribution?

I am open to your inspired ideas for how we can collaborate in this mission. Please hit reply and let me know. When one person moves beyond fear to say YES to their greater calling we all benefit. Their liberation is our liberation. And their contribution is needed for the good of our world.

One simple way you can support this mission is by forwarding this eZine and spreading the word about "Unleash the Work You're Designed to Do"-- a 5-day (30 min/day) hearty & liberating online program that effectively moves people beyond fear as they step into their greater calling.

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