How Are You Cramping Your Ability to Shine

Jun 01, 2016

Today I ask you, how are you cramping your ability to shine? How can you give yourself more space to fully let your true self expression emerge and your gifts be offered in the world?

A few nights ago I was invited onstage by the talented singer-songwriter, Asher Leigh. We both had no idea what would happen. What came out in our improvisation was this powerful message for you and me both.

Jessica Chilton improvises in the unknown with Asher Leigh on vocals, Tim Winter on Bass, and Kiah Abendroth on Trumpet -- Give yourself more space to shine!

You see, on the day of this performance, I finally moved the Queen-Size Guest Bed out of my home office. And what do you know, this became the subject of my improv on stage! The catalyst for this move was leading my Online Workshop "From Stuck to Inspired". As soon as I watched the video replay (see snapshot below), I thought, 'WOW, here is one blatant way I am holding myself back'. I was cramping the space in which my gifts can be shared and my business can grow.

Check out this Before and After picture. In this snapshot from my Webinar, you can see how I was squeezing my big SPARK vision into this guest room!

Only after I moved the Guest Bed out, and improvised about the significance of this move on stage, did I realize how cramped I had been feeling. As you'll see in the improv, angst had been been building about this compromise. And moving out the guest bed was an act of liberation!

I share this with You to inspire you to take a stand for the space you need to make your unique contribution. Our gifts need to be respected, nourished, valued, and given space, in order to come into their fullest and best expression.

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