How Labor Day Can Change Your Life and the World

Sep 02, 2018
Today's SPARK comes right from the ocean and into your Labor Day to inspire your next chapter of soul-satisfying work ...
Ahhhh, it's Labor Day weekend and I'm here on beautiful Folly Beach. On my morning beach walk I felt inspired to write this little note to you. Alongside relaxation and playtime, Labor Day brings up my passion around the topic of Work--specifically soul-satisfying, impactful work aligned with your purpose. So I'm going to prop up my feet, listen to waves crash, and connect with you for a few minutes.

On this long weekend--which is meant to celebrate the contributions we each make with our work--let's honor the work we're already doing. Whether that's in the home, in a job, or at the helm of your own business, we're giving our precious energy to someone or something and that deserves a Thank You day. May this Thank You Day (aka Labor Day) give you time away from work to simply Be, as you remember that your full presence is the heart of your greatest contribution.

The US Dept. of Labor describes Labor Day as "a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and wellbeing of our country." While we are grateful for all that we are contributing to our communities, our world has so many pressing needs that must be met to truly actualize its full strength, prosperity, and wellbeing for all. 

The thing is, our world has all the resources required to meet these needs. Afterall, w e have 7.6 Billion resources of Human Potential on earth. Unfortunately though, many of these human resources are held back, untapped, hidden, constricted, unsupported, misused and suppressed. Perhaps a tough but important question to ask while taking time to reflect this Labor Day is: are you one of these under-utilized resources or are you fully giving your greatest gifts to our world? 

If all of us were supported enough to confidently offer our gifts-- to unleash the work we're uniquely designed to do--our world would be naturally thriving. So on Labor Day, I ask: What support do you need to show up fully and offer your gifts? I dare you to decide to RECEIVE the support that will help you make your most liberated, enlivening, love-fueled, unique contribution to this world. 

Before I go jump in the ocean I also want to remind you that right now we are welcoming new members into our one-of-a-kind Love Liberate Launch soulful business coaching program that infuses spiritual development, inner transformation, and creative expression into practical & effective business building every step of the way.  Love Liberate Launch  offers weekly focused support for a whole year to create the business you were born to lead. You can even choose to receive customized Private Coaching Sessions alongside a supportive group coaching experience. And Early Bird registration, with a free 2-day retreat, is happening until Friday Sept 7th.
So while you make space to reflect on this Labor Day, I ask you: 

* What inspired business vision could you create in reality if you received weekly focused support for one year? 

* How could you transform to become the leader you were born to be if you received weekly focused support for one year? 

* How might the world benefit from your unique contribution if you received weekly focused support for one year? 

Whether it's from me or some other source, you deserve this level of support and the world deserves your greatest contribution. 

Happy Labor Day! Thank you for the contributions you've already made and for following the call into whatever you're meant to do next! 
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