How to Tap into Your Intuitive Power

Jan 14, 2013

My guiding word of the year is “Intuition.” Several months ago, I realized that although I know I am a deeply intuitive person, I often let my rational mind override my intuition in many areas of my life. I became aware that, because I have a deep knowing that my intuition is very powerful, some part of me feared it.

After all, intuitive impulses are unpredictable; my rational mind much preferred the safe, cautious, and calculated route—especially in the realm of building my business or when facing big life decisions and transitions. I was afraid of the unknown—of where my intuition would take me if I allowed it to be the leader of my life.

So, yes, here I am now on a path of surrendering to the unknown and allowing my intuition to become the leader of my life. In my case, I have pregnancy to thank for this path. With each week I come closer to giving birth to this baby boy. Although I can prepare for a positive birth experience to some degree, I am very aware that in the end I cannot control exactly what will happen. Largely, my job is to surrender, relax, be present, trust my body and my intuition, and let my birth experience unfold.

The same goes for my transition into motherhood. I cannot control what lies ahead—I cannot control who this little being is and who he will become as he grows. Again, what I can do is surrender to the unknown and trust my intuition to guide me along the way.

Since committing to listening and following my intuition on a whole new level, I have ended up in many conversations about this topic with friends and clients. Mostly, they want to know how I go about connecting with my intuition.

So, here you have it, my top 4 favorite ways of tapping into my intuition. With each of these practices I end the process with journaling. I like to write down my questions and answers, the dialogue that ensues, or the wise message that comes through. This is my way of being able to connect, remember, integrate, and then take action following the wisdom of my intuition.

Four Powerful Ways of Tapping into Your Intuition

1.      Listening in Stillness

Sometimes all that is needed to tap into your intuition is slowing down, sitting still, focusing on your breath, and allowing the thought stream in your mind to float by like clouds without attaching to any particular thought. Then, in this stillness, you can ask your intuitive voice to speak. Ask it a specific question or let it give you a message.

2.     Connecting with Source – God, universe, spirit

For those who enjoy a personal relationship with a loving higher power, you can also connect with this Source as a way to tap into your greatest truth. After coming to stillness, I connect with Source by imagining unconditional love flowing into my body through the top of my head. I visualize a yellow stream of positive energy filling my body slowly and smoothly from head to toes. When my whole body is filled with this light, I begin my conversation with Source. I ask a question or open to the guidance it wants to offer me in the moment. 

3.     Calling on Your Inner Guide

One of my favorite sessions with clients is when I facilitate a process (adapted from a technique I learned from Jean Houston) that allows them to connect face-to-face with their wise Inner Guide. Through a visualization journey, they externalize and experience their Inner Guide as if she has walked the Creative Wellness path for 1000 more years and now is able to come and share her wisdom learned along the way. Standing palm to palm with her Inner Guide, my client is able to feel the loving healing energy her Inner Guide sends through their touching palms as well as hear her wise voice loud and clear. 

4.     Letting Your Body Talk

Your body has so much wisdom to share, if you are willing to listen. I recommend first connecting with your body and giving your body some sweet attention: soak in a warm bath, stretch in your favorite feel-good ways, enjoy a massage, or put on inspiring music and dance around your house. Then, be still and bring your attention to a particular part of your body that is calling your attention or that you are curious about. Let it know you are ready to hear what it has to say to you. Invite it to tell you what it needs from you or let it offer you guidance in a certain area of your life.

So, how about you? Do you have a sense that your inner wisdom is not fully being expressed and allowed to guide you through life? Which of these practices are you willing to try? Are you ready to let your rational mind take a rest and give over the reigns to your intuition? If so, feel free to join me on this exhilarating ride!

And, of course, I’m all ears when it comes to new ways of tapping into intuition—so feel free to share your own favorite ways with me. 

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