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Humanity, Will You Be My Valentine?

Feb 14, 2019

Today's SPARK has enough love in it for You and All of Humanity! Because, why settle for anything less? On Valentine's day or any day!

I'm going to share this photo and message again, because it's worth repeating. The most powerful thing I could say to you, human being, on Valentine’s Day is: 
I Love You Exactly As You Are.
My highest hope is that, by reading this right now, you will pause on this day, say these words to yourself ... and fully mean it.
May this be the Valentine’s gift that keeps on giving as you feel how loved you are right now exactly as you are... and then offer this unconditional love to everyone in your path.
Because after all, we're part of a big ole world and our humanity needs a love revolution in order to thrive. So on this day, what if we all say...

Let's take our relationship with humanity to its fullest potential-- it's time to contribute the gifts we have to give. It's time to make our unique leadership contribution. It's time to show up embodying Love and offer our full presence to each other. 

‘The Shift from Fear to Love’ feels like the perfect Valentine’s gift for you, Humanity. You’ll receive this gift in endless installments--as each rising leader shifts from fear to love and unleashes their next unique contribution on March 31st 2019 at Diana Wortham. 

💗💞💕Buy your ticket today, rising leaders--a $39 Valentine’s gift to Humanity.

Find all the details about this transformational leadership and community-building event at If you buy your ticket now, not only will you get to choose the best seats in the house, you'll also land in our SHIFT Home Base in time for the pre-party where welcome gifts await you in support of your personal shift from fear to love. Also, if you can't participate at the live event, You can still become a member of The Shift Initiative for free online here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beloved Human Being! 💕💞💖

P.S. I mean really, would you rather overdose on candy hearts and chocolate this Valentine’s Day...or take a stand for Love and gift yourself or your Valentine a ticket to “The Shift from Fear to Love”?! 😍💕

*Photo Credit Erica Mueller Photography

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