I Must Profess...the True Glory of Love that You Are.

Feb 12, 2020

Today I invite you to remember the truth about LOVE.

As Valentine's Day approaches, love is in the air, but ironically this commercialized and sometimes pressure-filled holiday can stir up all kinds of contortions, distortions, limitations, and resistance to love.

So Today's Spark is here to connect you into the true Glory of Love--the love that you are, the love that created us, the love that moves us beyond every fear gateway, the love that calls you into your next level again and again.

As we have been creating a Love Fest on social media, leaving love notes each day, I want to share some of them here with you. Notice which one speaks to you most and let it be the reminder you need to embody Love fully ... no matter what does or doesn't happen on Valentine's Day.

What is your truth about LOVE? 
Love is ____________________________________.

And as I am currently calling in participants for Joy of Launching, I want to profess that all I want to do these days is LOVE my clients as fully, expansively, whole-heartedly as possible. When I Love my clients, see my clients as the Love they are, support my clients to let Love lead their launch, cultivate a high-vibe loving group space for my clients to connect with each other...  amazing things happen. Yes, the secret to experiencing the Joy of Launching (rather than the dread, struggle, burnout, and fear of launching) is LOVE.

Joy of Launching offers you a 1-month support immersion to become your next level as you launch in the way that works for your Soul. Instead of dread, struggle, and fear, let your marketing launch awaken your next level of joy, love, freedom, and abundance. This is the Joy of Launching way. A traditional approach to your marketing launch will burn you out at exactly the time you're ready to bring your light. It's time to master the art of the soulful business launch. 

If you are launching something amazing in the next 6 months, and you know that it's going to usher you into your next level, I invite you into Joy of Launching where you will be fully LOVED.

Sending Big Love with a SPARK!

P.P.S. Here are 2 Joy of Launching Graduates that I LOVE. I'm so grateful that Courtney Smith and Lindley Myers of Blue Spiral Consulting want to share their experience with you and encourage you to launch in the way that works for your soul.

"We are Lindley Myers and Courtney Smith from Blue Spiral Consulting. We’re business partners and best friends, and we’ve had a fantastic time working with Jessica Chilton in her Joy of Launching program.

Having had lots of different kinds of coaching experiences with lots of business coaches, I can say without a doubt that Joy of Launching has resulted in us being the clearest, most enthusiastic and innovative in planning and launching a project that we have ever been.

Courtney shares...
This is the Launch Map I created in Joy of Launching. It really helped me bring forward my gifts and evolve into my next highest vibration as a facilitator, trainer and consultant. It also helped me bring my business partner's essential strengths into our business more fully and gave us better communication tools and strategies for working together. 

We have been prolific in the last 4 weeks of Joy of Launching--new business ideas, incredible new processes to facilitate with the counties we serve, and fast forward motion with the projects that we’re launching together. It has been quite an exciting adventure.

Lindley shares... 
In addition to Jessica’s excellent coaching, the structure that she’s created for Joy of Launching supports not only our individual learning, but also the learning of the group. Each of these wonderful entrepreneurs in Joy of Launching has contributed to our learning as they move beyond obstacles and experience their own areas of growth. I have learned so much just by watching Jessica support these entrepreneurs, as well as myself and Courtney, through those challenges. Now I feel like I have an arsenal of tools at my disposal for the times when any challenges pop up. 

Courtney shares...
You're going to love the Joy of Launching guidebook-- it was one of my favorite parts of working through the process. You’re going to love the launch map! You will love the creativity that is exposed and expressed and expanded within you.  

Don’t overthink it, just do it. Sign up now. And if you have a business partner, definitely do it together!"

~ Courtney Smith & Lindley Myers, Blue Spiral Consulting


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