If Money Could Talk, It Would Say This to You...

May 31, 2017

Today's Spark gives loving attention to your relationship with Money. After all, if you're on the path of making money by being bravely yourself--your relationship with money is key.

One highlight in Spark-land this week was working with one of my private clients around her relationship with Money. This awesome entrepreneur happens to love music--specifically playing the violin. And she wants her relationship with Money to feel more like her relationship with music--full of natural ease and enjoyment. 

After our session, she has all kinds of fun homework, like:

  • infusing violin playing into her completion of financial spreadsheets,
  • caring for money at the same level she cares for her violin,
  • and even more fun, embodying Money (as if Money is a person) and letting Money express itself by playing the Violin.

Our next session, via videoconference, I've asked her to bring her violin with her so we can continue on our musical journey into Money Love and financial empowerment. Oh how I love my work...and my amazing creative clients!

So now let's give your relationship with Money a little loving attention...


Your Relationship with Money - Let's be honest!

Imagine that Money is a person. And you are in a relationship with this person, Money. Let's take this moment to do a relationship check-in, giving each person a chance to talk. Write or draw in response to the 3 questions below...

Check-In #1
Can you feel the love flowing between you and Money? Can you each say, "I love you" with ease and mean it?

Check-In #2
How are you feeling about Money right now? How have you been treating Money lately?

Check-In #3
How is Money feeling about you? How does Money feel about the way you've been treating it? What loving attention does Money want from you right now?

I'll let these questions be enough for today's relationship check-in between you and money. But know that there is a bounty of fun, healing and love awaiting you in your relationship with Money. You simply have to give this essential relationship in your life the loving attention it deserves.

* * * * *

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